Many men do not like straight hair and want curly hair for themselves. Some men think it is challenging to get curly hair. However, we believe this is not true. Fortunately, it is possible to transform your straight hair into curly with useful methods.

It is essential to focus on excellent styling tools and products. These things are necessary to get curly hair. Before we tell you how to get curly hair, remember you can’t make short hair curly at all. So, let us now talk about the process. Read on!

How to get curly hair for men

Most men feel surprised when they learn about the process of hair curling. Well, if you think it is hard, then you are wrong. The process is easy and straightforward to follow. For medium and long men’s hair, you will need a few products.

These include a hairdryer, sea salt spray, and heat protection spray. There are various products available on the market. Make sure you choose the right one. We mean to say the products that best fit your needs. Here are a few steps you would need to follow to get curly hair. Continue reading!

1. Wash your hair

First, you need to wash your hair with a good shampoo. You may not know, but damp hair is more natural to manage and style. We are not talking about sea salt sprays as they work well on wet locks. So, wash your hair with a natural shampoo, and don’t forget to use the conditioner. Towel dry your hair but leave it slightly wet.

2. Apply the heat protectant

Experts say that heating products can damage your hair. Therefore, you need to use a heat protection spray. Such an outcome will keep your hair in good condition. It will also insulate your hair from the damage caused by heat. Otherwise, your hair will remain frizz, or your strands will dry out. So, using a heat protection spray is a must-use product.

3. Use a sea salt spray

Using a seal salt spray will help you get curly or wavy styles. Make sure you have a high-quality sea salt spray. Then, you have to spritz it on your head. Also, it is essential to distribute it evenly. The process is easy. First, you need to lift your strands from the root and then apply the spray.

The best way is to apply the spray and then use your hands to ensure proper distribution from roots to ends. The spray is a vital product for adding texture to your hair. It also helps you get natural-looking curls or waves to your hair.

4. Blow-dry your hair

After you have prep your hair, you will use a quality blow dryer. The product helps make the curls. In case you have a diffuser attachment, make sure you use it to disperse the heat across your head. Use it carefully as the blow dryer can damage your hair.

If you have weak hair, set the blow dryer on a lower temperature setting. The blow dryer not only enhances the effect of curling, but it also adds volume to your hair. Spread the heat evenly so that you minimize the heat damage and reduce the frizz.

On the other hand, if your blow dryer does not come with a diffuser, you can remove the nozzle. Doing so will lead to the creation of a wider stream of air.

5. Get your hair curly

It is essential to dry your hair to get curls or waves effectively. Make sure you dry from the bottom up as well as place the air on the roots directly. You can do this by pushing up.

When you place the heat of the product on different parts, you must use your other hand for scrunching the sections.

It is beneficial when it comes to activating the hold of the spray. When you feel your hair is drying, you can add more salt spray so that you can get a good curlier look.

6. Create Individual curls

If you want to make individual curls, then you have to wrap small strands around your finger. Then, you should blast the heat on your hair directly. It allows you to create a defined style that suits your personality.

Moreover, if you think individual sections of your hair are not getting wavy, then you can spray those areas. Again, use a high-quality sea salt spray and blow-dry your hair as needed. Creating individual curls is not tricky. You just need to focus on applying the spray correctly.

7. Use a styling product

Using a styling product is essential for holding your hair and providing a unique texture to it. When you have dry hair, you can add cream or pliable balm to keep the curls of your hair in place.

Similarly, it is vital to finish styling your hair using your fingers. Hairstylists believe that the use of fingers works much better than styling products. They allow you to achieve a style you want, and that suits your personality.

How to choose the styling products for curly hair?

When you look for a styling product, such as a heat protection spray, you must get a high-quality product. The spray is suitable for acting as a barrier between your hair and heat. Thus, it minimizes frizz and prevents breakage.

The product can also increase the shine and texture of your hair. You must choose a spray that has water-soluble. The spray must also include natural ingredients. The purpose is to provide maximum protection.

When it comes to choosing the best sea salt spray, again, you have to choose a high-quality product. It must use the right amount of salt so that you get natural and beachy curls. Make sure you choose a spray, which has a sea salt infusion feature. Some sprays come with argan oil and sea kelp. You can use them to get naturally smooth and tousled waves.

A seal salt spray is a product that gives you natural-looking curls and textured all over. The quality of the brand is essential. Focus on the ingredients of the spray as well. Some sprays will get your soft and tousled hairstyles. Others are of low quality and will make your hair stiff. The choice of selecting the spray is yours, but you have to consider our suggestions.


Do you want to get curly hair? If yes, then follow the steps given below. Start with clean and slightly damp hair. Then apply a spray that protects your hair from the heat. Next, use a seal salt spray to get the curls. Don’t forget to blow dry your hair. Use a styling product or your fingers to get the style that you want. This is it! You now have got curly hair.