Leather is a stylish and durable material best for making furniture, shoes, and clothing. The same way as other materials get wrinkles; leather is also susceptible to wrinkling when you don’t store it properly or used for a long time.

However, getting rid of wrinkles from leather is an easy task if you are aware of how to handle the material properly. But if you don’t know how to do it, here’s the procedure:

How to Get Wrinkles Out Of Leather Shoes (4 Methods)

Due to age or carelessness, some ugly wrinkles and creases may start developing on your leather shoes, making your pair of leather shoes fit in a store only. And that’s when you must take some vital steps to get the wrinkles out of the shoes. Here’s what to do:

  1. Use An Iron

Wrinkles on Leather shoes can be ironed the same way you get rid of creases on clothes. This is the best way to remove the wrinkles out of your shoes, but you must be careful as excess heat can burn your leather shoes. If you want to iron your shoes properly, here’s the procedure:

  • Start by removing the shoelaces from your leather shoes.
  • Then stuff the shoes using cardboard inserts and a paper.
  • Pour some little water on the leather shoes to make them less prone to burn.
  • After that, cover them using a wet cloth.
  • Set the iron to a reduced temperature then allow it heat for some time.
  • Iron the leather shoes, but make sure you focus on the section with wrinkles.
  • Take away the cloth then allow your shoes to dry.

The focus here is to maintain the temperature low. When in doubt, please make sure you use this method repeatedly. Ensure you begin with a low temperature then increase gradually with each round.

  1. Steam Wrinkles Out Of The Leather Shoes

Using a clothes steamer is an excellent option to ironing, more so when you want to remove the wrinkles in nuckbuck or suede shoes. Again you must have a dry washcloth and avoid using excess moisture as you might worsen things on your shoes.

The same way you iron the leather shoes, cover a bunch of newspapers following your foot shape, and then stuff the shoe using the newspaper.

After that, remove your shoelaces then position a dry washcloth on the toe box. Once the steamer is hot, begin touching the washcloth gently using the device. Make sure you move it non-stop to avoid applying excess moisture in the same location.

Then place them on the tree to keep the leather shoes stretched till you think of wearing them again.

  1. Blow Heat

This is the simplest method you can use to remove creases out of your leather shoes. Start by stretching the shoes with some heat then remove the creases. But this time, you can remove the wrinkles using a separate heat source- a heat gun or a dryer.

Don’t heat one area repeatedly. As you heat your shoes, ensure your hands are moving and never allow the machine hover in one section for a long time. Furthermore, keep the heat gun or the dryer 6 inches away from the leather shoes.

  1. Use Some Alcohol

Alcohol is essential as it relaxes your leather shoes through opening its pores, leaving the wrinkles to flatten too well. But you must be careful as too much alcohol leaves the leather shoes discolored and dry.

Take an empty and clean spray bottle then fill it with a mixture of half rubbing alcohol and half water.

After that, gently spray the solution on the wrinkles then massage carefully. Give it some time to dry then treat your leather shoe with a leather conditioner or a quality shoe polish.

Use a shoe stretcher to make your leather shoes stretched.

How to Get Wrinkles Out Of Leather Seats


  • Steam cleaner
  • A heat gun or hairdryer
  • Leather cleaner
  • Cotton or a clean cloth

Step 1: Place Hot Towels on Areas with Wrinkles

One of the best and most effective ways to remove seat wrinkles is positioning a hot towel on top of the most affected parts. Fill a bowl with clean water of any desired temperature then add a towel. The towel must be large enough to cover the wrinkles correctly, and if not, you’ll be forced to use 2-3 towels.

Then place the bowl in a microwave then heat the towel until it’s extremely hot. After that, carefully take the bowl out of the microwave then wring the towel out. The towel must be wet without dripping.

To properly get wrinkles out, place the hot towel on the areas with too many wrinkles. After that, remove the towel immediately it has cooled off. You might be forced to repeat this process depending on the age and the extent of the wrinkles.

Step 2: Use a Hairdryer

Before you use a hairdryer to remove creases and wrinkles on your leather seat, you must know that high heat can cause mess since it breaks the leather.

However, to use a hairdryer, the first step is wiping the leather seat with a cloth and mild soap. In case some soap residue remains behind, make sure you properly rinse the cloth then keep wiping the surface until it’s neat.

Then set the machine to its highest setting and hold it about 10 inches far from the wrinkled area. Ensure you shift the dryer back and forth to facilitate even drying.

Step 3: Steam the Wrinkles

Steam cleaning is an effective method for getting wrinkles out of your leather seats.

To effectively remove wrinkles out of your seats, begin by preparing the seats using a prepping agent. Then pass the steam cleaner on top of the wrinkles. Apart from removing the wrinkles, heat from the machine opens up the pores on the leather for the next conditioning when you want to soften and condition your leather.

How to Get Wrinkles Out Of a Leather Jacket (3 Ways)

  1. Steam The Jacket

Start by hanging the leather jacket on a durable and robust coat hanger as using a cheap hanger can cause more wrinkles. After that, turn your shower on then allow water to get hot before you bring your leather jacket.

Look for a position within your bathroom within the door to help you hang the jacket without making it get wet. As the coat is hanging, run your shower for about 20 minutes to steam the jacket. Once done with this activity, put on your jacket throughout the day then, and after you do this, allow the jacket to conform to your body once more.

  1. Press It

Find an iron that has a wide range of temperatures then turn it down to the lowest temperature setting. Prepare the jacket by placing it on an ironing board.

Sometimes you may be triggered to add numerous pats of the jacket on the board to remove the wrinkles. Position a small cotton material layer on the upper side of the jacket to protect it.

Then iron your leather jacket, but you must be careful not to wet it.

  1. Flatten Your Jacket

To do this, lay your jacket on a clean and hard floor. Please make sure you lay it on a smooth board like a tile. Then straighten the arm of your jacket as you remove all wrinkles you notice. Stretch out all the folds.

After that, place heavy objects like books on your jacket. Once you put a book on the lower side, the wrinkled parts of the jacket will be flattened. Placing heavy books on your jacket helps in flattening and squashing out the jacket. Allow it to flatten overnight.

That’s how to get wrinkles out of leather.