So you just started using weed and you forgot to get a weed grinder with it. Having a weed grinder is important so you can break down the big pieces of its leaves. But if you don’t have one, no problem.

In this article, we’ll show you other ways to grind weed without a grinder.

Weed Grinder Substitutes:

  1. Using a Knife

Head straight to the kitchen and make use of your sharp knife and chopping board. It’s very simple to do, you just chop it finely like how you chop your parsley and other herbs. Do it manually with these tools and you can actually decide how thin you want it to be. When using an actual grinder, it sometimes can get too thin for your liking.

Just make sure to chop it carefully and don’t mash the leaves. Also, be careful with handling the knife especially if you’re not used to it. Then, have your knife and chopping board be cleaned thoroughly after chopping.

  1. Coffee Grinder

Although it has a stronger approach compared to a weed grinder, a coffee grinder can be also effective to grind weed. Follow the same steps as how you would grind your coffee beans. Place a good amount of weed inside the grinder while not overpopulating it.

Having enough space can ensure that the leaves will be grinded well. Watch out for the grinding process to not take too long since leaves still have moisture in it. You don’t want it being too mashed inside and ended up having a leafy paste instead. Make sure to wash your coffee grinder after using.

  1. Food Processor

Food processor is an effective tool to break down food into small pieces even up to its powder form. You can take advantage of this by placing all the weed inside and have it grinded. The food processor has a bigger space that lets you put more quantities if needed.

Check the settings and have it set slowly so you can stop until you achieve the desired consistency. Don’t process it too long or the weed will be powdered or too thin to use. Scoop all the grinded weed and clean the food processor well to get rid of residues.

  1. Blender

If you have a blender or smoothie maker at home, this can also be used as a weed grinder. It works the same way as the food processor. The only difference is you don’t need water because you’re not making a smoothie.

Put a good amount of weed inside the blender and blend it at low speed. It’s best to have it at low speed so the leaves won’t break too thinly. Take it out from the blender once you achieve the exact consistency and rinse the blender once done.

  1. Cheese Grater

This one might be a little bit tricky but yes cheese grater works as a weed grinder if this is all you have. It works the same way as how you grate your favorite cheese. Take a good amount of weed and grate it slowly. Make sure you grate carefully to avoid your fingers from touching the grater.

This method can be a lot of work but it’s a good alternative for a weed grinder. Have a medium sized bowl to catch all the grated weed. Then rinse the grater after grating the weed.

  1. Scissors

Get the sharpest scissors that you have at home. Using scissors to grind the weed has the same concept as how you use the knife. The good thing is, it’s easier and less effort. Just have a bowl to catch the weed after cutting it.

Make sure to wash the scissors first especially if you use it for other stuff. Cut the weed thinly making sure that it’s all cut in a uniform manner. After cutting, make sure to rinse the scissors especially if other people at home use it.

  1. By Hand

The most natural way to do it is through your hands. You can wear some gloves to avoid your hands, staining from the weed. Make sure that you tear it apart slowly in small pieces. Then, place the weed in a bowl.

This can take some time but you have the capability to adjust how thin you want your weed to be. After manually grinding the weed by hand, throw away the used gloves properly.

Important Tips:

  • When handling sharp tools to cut or grind the weed, always handle it with care. Be extra cautious to avoid injuries.
  • Be sure to get an actual grinder the next time. It’s the safest way to do it where you don’t use other home tools to grind your weed. You can purchase a lot of weed grinder online or in stores near you.