If you are interested in a guy, one of your main focuses is to impress him. But how will you do it without making it look like you are flirting with him? There are lots of things that you can do to impress a guy. Below are some of the surefire ways to impress a guy.

Be an expert at something

If you excel in something, it is easy to impress someone you like. Many guys are easily impressed if they see something special in a girl. You don’t have to make yourself good at what he is good at too. It is much better if you are good at something that others are having difficulty to achieve.

A woman that excels in something is quite attractive and impressive. But most women that are exceptionally good academically may have a hard time finding a partner.

Be yourself

Be confident and be natural. Don’t act as if you are a different person just to impress the guy. Guys hate fake girls. Men like women that are genuinely interesting, friendly, fun, and honest.

Don’t act that you like fishing or football, even if you don’t. It will only cause issues in the future. Many couples end up separating when they discovered that their interest is not the same.

Wear the appropriate dress

Wearing revealing clothes will not impress a guy. But it depends on the man, and also on you. Just wear what you think is appropriate for the occasion and make sure you are comfortable. Of course, you will look odd if you wear casual to a formal event. Yes, you might get the guy’s attention, but it will not impress him.

You can try other styles if you want to but make sure you are comfortable wearing it, and you will not look like a clown on it. Some guys might interpret your outfit as something else. Keep in mind how you dress reflects your personality. So be careful about what you wear.

Don’t be too easy

Men love challenges. If you like a guy, don’t just show it right away. Let him get interested in you longer. Allow the guy to work hard to win you over. This is an effective way to impress a man. If you are lucky, you will get him attracted to you more and even propose his love to youGive him signs that you notice him

Not making too easy for him does not mean you will not give him signs that you also like him. You can show in your actions that you somewhat like him as well. You can smile at him, blush or laugh if the situation allows. These actions would show the man that you notice him.

Showing signs does not necessarily mean that you have to throw yourself at him or act that you are captivated by what he says. Be a little bit aloof. It is appealing to him. On the other hand, being a stone wall will not work at all. Some might get away with it, but many don’t.

Learn to communicate properly

Learn how to communicate well with a man. If you want to impress him, give him full attention. Keep your phone on the side, and make it your main priority. Ask him some interesting questions, and make sure to talk to him, keeping eye contact. It is essential to converse, but make sure you do not dominate the conversation. Do not change the topic abruptly without finishing the earlier subject.

Just respect yourself

To gain respect from others, you have to respect yourself first. It is how you treated a man that determines how a man will treat you. Set boundaries and let those around you know their limitations. Show the man you want to impress that you take things on your terms. It will impress him more.

Be unpredictable

Don’t get too transparent on him. Let him guess what your next action is. It will impress him a lot if he sees her woman is evolving continually. You can be sweet and nice to him and get firm if he misbehaves. It gives him the idea that you can be his friend and his worst enemy at the same time.

Do not be too clingy to the extent that you want to be with him all the time. Be with your friends some time and also have quality time alone. Make him want you, and guess what you are up to.