How do you install ceramic disc taps?

How do you change the spindle on a ceramic disc tap?

Are ceramic disc taps better?

Plumbing connections for ceramic disc are no different to other taps, and with that comes all the ease of a quarter-turn technology, and a more durable, longer lasting tap without those annoying leaks. From a long-term maintenance point of view, ceramic disc taps are much better than normal taps.

How does a ceramic disc tap work?

How Does Ceramic Disc Technology Work? Ceramic disc cartridges are simply two ceramic discs with holes through them. One disc is fixed in place whilst the other moves with the tap handle. When both discs are in alignment, the water is allowed to flow through the tap.

Why do ceramic cartridges fail?

It is not usually the ceramic tap cartridges themselves that fail, however, as these tap cartridges are incredibly durable and designed to last a lifetime. Rather, it is the inlet or outlet seals falling apart or the build-up of sediment within them that creates leakages.

Why do ceramic tap valves leak?

Ceramic disc taps feature a cartridge within the tap that contain a pair of ceramic discs. If you do experience dripping this is usually caused by a scratched ceramic disc. In order to rectify the leak you must replace the entire cartridge as follows.

Can ceramic disc taps be repaired?

Ceramic Disc TapsCeramic Disc Tap Fitting or Servicing with Washer and Valves Repair or Replacement Tutorial. It is very rare for the ceramic discs to wear out and the need to replace them is even rarer. It is, most often, just a case of dismantling the moving parts and servicing them.

How do you stop a ceramic tap from dripping?

How do you clean ceramic tap cartridges?

How do you take apart a ceramic tap cartridge?

Can you clean a tap cartridge?

Soak the cartridge in the water and vinegar mix for around 10 minutes. If when you take it out, the cartridge still has limescale on it, it simply needs to be soaked for longer. gently clean around the filters and orifices within the tap to break down limescale. You can then wipe it clean with a cloth.

How do I stop my mixer tap from dripping?

How to Fix a Leaking Mixer Tap
  1. Turn Off Your Water Supply. The first step to repairing a leaking mixer tap is to ensure that the water supply to your mixer tap has been turned off.
  2. Remove Plastic Cap/Cover.
  3. Remove the Grub Screw & Handle.
  4. Remove Chrome Dress Ring & Retaining Nut.
  5. Replace the Cartridge.
  6. Reassemble the Mixer & Turn On Water Supply.

How do I know what tap cartridge to buy?

Our first question is “do you know the manufacturer and model of your tap” if “Yes” then we can often tell you which tap valve insert to purchase. Please email us at for advice. But if “No” then we will need you to remove the cartridge to check the dimensions.

Why is my mixer tap dripping?

A damaged or loosened tap washer is likely to be the reason you have a dripping tap. All you need to do to replace it is unscrew or slide off the original washer and screw or slide on a new one. Make sure it is tight and an exact fit for your tap.

What size are kitchen tap cartridges?

Replacement cartridge suitable for most single lever bathroom and kitchen taps that use a standard 40mm cartridge.

How do you measure tap size?

The easiest way to find out the size of the thread in your mixer tap or faucet is to remove the aerator (this is the part that screws off at the end of your tap) and measure the diameter (across the centre) of the thread.

What size tap gland do I need?

Replacement tap valve size

The most common conventions for domestic taps nowadays are 1/2″ and 3/4″ BSP. Don’t concern yourself too much with these sizes and units.

How do I know what size tap washer I need?

By far the easiest way to ensure you’re picking out the right washer size for your tap is to physically remove the old one and measure it. That way, when you decide to buy tap washers online, you’ll be able to sort products by the exact size you need with a single click.

Do modern taps have washers?

Nowadays, the vast majority of modern bathroom taps use ceramic disc cartridges instead of rubber washers. In simple terms, this means no (or at least far fewer) leaks, and only a 90-degree rotation to turn the tap on or off. Back in days of old, taps and shower fittings always used rubber washers to prevent dripping.