How much does it cost to put a hitch on a car?

A professional hitch installation can cost anywhere from $50 to over $250, depending on the labor rates of the automotive shop and the difficulty of the installation. Some hitch installations are more intensive than others, increasing the cost as more time is required.

How do you install a hitch?

Is U-Haul good for hitch installation?

We Beat Any Price. A UHaul hitch install is always priced lower than vehicle dealer parts and labor. UHaul will also adjust labor or parts to beat any competitor pricing. UHaul carries all major bike rack brands so if you are installing your hitch for this outdoorsy purpose, the combo is a great deal.

Can I add a tow package to my car?

While it is possible to add a tow hitch to just about any vehicle, the most capable towing SUVs can be fitted with a tow package (either factory- or dealer-installed) at the time of purchase.

Can you put a hitch on a Corolla?

Recommended Trailer Hitch and Wiring for 2019 Toyota Corolla The Curt Class I Trailer Hitch #C11265 and the Draw-Tite #24913 for your 2019 Toyota Corolla are indeed extremely similar hitches but I recommend the Curt #C11265 for a couple of reasons. Both hitches will install at the same location on your Corolla

Do I need wiring for a hitch?

The trailer hitch will allow you to tow a trailer but you will need a separate wiring harness to power the lights on the trailer. This is what you will find on small trailers that do not have electric brakes but do have brake lights, running lights, and turn signals.

How much does U-Haul charge to install a hitch?

UHaul’s hitch installation services cost anywhere from $100 to $150—not including the cost of the actual tow hitch and other equipment. UHaul’s online pricing tool doesn’t cover tow hitch installation services, so you’ll have to call to get a quote.

Do dealerships install hitches?

Your dealership can absolutely do it, but at like 3-4x the cost (probably). Look up the cost of hitches online. It should be an easy install.

How long does it take uhaul to install a hitch?

A mechanically inclined do-it-yourselfer should take about half an hour assuming all of the tools required are available. A professional might charge an hour of labor despite the hitch install time being just 15 minutes.

Does uhaul give you a hitch?

Trailer Hitches for Towing

With over 1,500 install locations, we can guarantee you‘ll find a location near you. Tell us your vehicle year, make and model and we will show you available trailer hitches and related towing components.

Are uhaul hitches permanent?

Hitches. A trailer hitch is a device which attaches directly to a tow vehicle providing the connection between the tow vehicle and the trailer. Hitch installations are most often considered permanent.

Does uhaul hitch void warranty?

The answer for any part is that ANY part will not “void the warranty” of the car. Tons of cars have hitches, and it wouldn’t cause a warranty denial unless they have reason to believe you were towing over the factory tow limitor if somehow you had a crappy hitch that bent the frame or something odd.

Does putting a hitch on your car void warranty?

But the simple act of installing a hitch or other aftermarket part does not void the warranty. You will want to make sure that the items you are using your hitch for, either for accessories or for towing are within the capacity of the hitch.

Does adding a trailer hitch void warranty?

Installation of an aftermarket trailer hitch or any other part will not void the warranty as consumers are protected by the Magnuson-Moss warranty act that states, in part, that unless the part added actually causes a problem, then installation and use of the part will not void the warranty.

Will a hitch void my warranty?

A dealer or vehicle manufacturer does have the right to deny a warranty repair only if they can demonstrate that the aftermarket part caused the problem. That means if you were to install a hitch on your bike, tow a 20′ bowrider and burn out the clutch, your dealer could refuse to repair that under warranty.

Does installing a trailer hitch void warranty Canada?

The only part of the warranty that would be affected is if the installation of the hitch caused the problem with the vehicle.

Will changing tire size void warranty?

Changing your tire size shouldn’t void your warranty unless they can somehow prove that the larger tires caused something to fail. Pretty unlikely with the tire size you are talking about. There are a lot of others putting far larger and heavier tires on their truck than you are.

What mods wont void factory warranty?

Exterior Mods

Anything that you can bolt on to the outside or inside of the car that has no function other than looks will also not have any issue with manufacturer warranty as well. Even functional exterior mods like a wing or diffusers will be able to clear the service writer’s checklist.

Can I service my own car and keep the warranty?

You can service your own car and keep the warranty. According to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty act, which is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, it’s illegal for manufacturers or dealers to void your warranty or deny you coverage because you performed the work yourself.

What voids a powertrain warranty?

A powertrain warranty, which covers defects in the engine, transmission, and other powertrain parts, usually lasts longer—around 6 years or 70,000 miles. Service the Car at Regular Intervals: Car manufacturers can void your warranty if you fail to follow the factory guidelines and perform routine maintenance.