Old fireplaces are smart and provide the best ambiance to offer cozy memories, but one disadvantage is that they are inefficient heat sources. The good news is that you can shift your fireplace to a reliable source of heat that you can use during the winter. By using a pellet stove. If you don’t know how to install one, then here’s the procedure:

Where to Locate a Pellet Stove

To help you make a decision, here are the possible locations where you can store one.

  • Close To An Exterior Wall: Installing the pellet stove close to a stairway is an excellent option as it lowers the ventilation cost. You’ll place the pellet stove approximately 3 inches from the wall (But make sure you look at the installation guide) to give room for the vent to move from the backside of the stove to the rear side. Furthermore, it helps in hiding the stove vent pipe to prevent it from distracting your beautiful décor.
  • Beside A Stairway: This is also an ideal location as it will be more effective when it comes to heating the entire property once it rises. By positioning the stove close to the stairway, the open space allows more heat to move peacefully without distractions. This type of heater needs a blower feature and warm-air ducted heating mechanism.
  • Inside A Properly Insulated Basement: Positioning the burner in a properly insulated basement is a good option. For instance, positioning it close to the stairway since heat will be quickly supplied as it moves up. It’s a nice addition if you always spend much of your time within the basement, whether working on DIY projects or laundry.

However, the worst thing to do is installing the pellet stove inside your bedroom. Even if it’s okay there, it can be loud when fully functioning and, thus, not an excellent option placing it in the same area where you will be resting.

The Tools and Equipment Needed for Installation

When thinking to install a pellet stove personally, you must make sure that you have the right tools and equipment at hand. Here are the requirements:

  • Grinder with a blade
  • Construction adhesive
  • Drill bit and a cordless drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Utility knife
  • Step ladder
  • Stud finder

Ensure you look at the warranty before installing the pellet stove.

Step-by-Step Guide

Since you know the exact place to locate the stove, the required equipment and tools, the next thing is installation.

  1. Begin by placing a non-combustive and a code-approved heart pad down where you will place the stove onto. The pad must extend approximately six inches in front of the stove and about five inches out on both sides.
  • You must check the user’s manual that accompanied your stove to see the right hole diameter then cut it appropriately.
  • Having done that, use the stud finder to ensure you can install the vent without touching an obstruction like piping or wiring. Here, you can make use of the utility knife to cut the inner wall then use the jigsaw to cut the outside siding.
  • Install a device called vent thimble. This is a unique sleeve that you can use to slide the vent on the hole that you had initially created.
  • Then fix the pellet stove pipe that’s recommended by the manufacturer then pass this across the thimble then outside the property.
  • After this, the stove pellet will be ready for use. But you must install a vent pipe on the exterior side to make sure that you can clean the pellet ashes away from the stove.
  • To properly install the stove, make sure you begin on the interior first. Fit the horizontal and short part of the pipe on the wall to make the end side have about three inches away from the wall.
  • After that, you need to add some adhesive to ensure that your construction is adhered to the flat collar side that needs to be fixed on the wall. Once you are through with that, move it over the pipe and make sure it’s flushed against it.
  • Place the vertical side’s lower section on the flange that moves out of the stove’s top. With that done, fix the elbow’s opening side on the vent pipe’s inner end then snap them together.
  • You can use three screwdrivers to attach the vertical pipe’s lower side to the flange.
  • Once you are through with all this, now shift to the outer wall. Again using the adhesive, position it on the flat collar surface. Then, push the collar on the horizontal pipe as you press it on the wall gently, so it flushes correctly.
  • Finally, fix the circular horizontal cap on the end of the pipe as you snap them together.

Voila! That’s how to install a pellet stove and the vent properly. But the procedure can’t be complete without the precautionary installation aspects that must be followed before you start the process.

Precaution Tips

  • You must regularly inspect the stove whether it’s functioning well. This includes looking at the vent and the combustion chamber for any damage signs or corrosion.
  • Next, you must only use wood pellets recommended by the manufacturer of the stove. Doing this will make sure that the stove functions properly.
  • Finally, you must safely dispose of the ashes by putting them on a metal lidded container. Make sure you don’t place them on flammable items or a garbage can. Keep them outside and far from your belongings.