Where should closet rods be placed?

As a rule, place the top rod 80 to 82-inches up from the floor and the bottom rod about 40-inches up from the floor. For a single rod application, plan 60-inches from the floor for placement. You will need at least 1-foot, 9-inches (24-inches is standard) away from the back wall for hanging.

How do I install a new closet rod?

How much support does a closet rod need?

Opt for a closet rod depth of at least 12 inches.

You also need to adhere to a precise closet rod depth, which is how far the rod is situated from the rear wall of the closet. If you don’t leave sufficient space between the rod and the rear wall, one side of all garments will wrinkle from being bunched up against it.

How far does a closet rod need to be from the wall?

A common convention is 12″ from the back wall to the center of the rod. People typically put the closet rods in the middle of the closet. Minimum closet depth is 24″ so that puts the closet rod at 12″ too. Certain types of clothing tend to extend past the edge of the hanger.

How do you support a closet rod?

Drill the appropriate starting holes for the mounting hardware that came with your new closet bracket or brackets. Remove the rod and screw-mount the new brackets in place. Drop the closet rod back into place. The new brackets will help support it along its length, preventing or at least reducing sag.

How long can closet rods go without support?

Keeping this in consideration, how long can closet rods go without support? Closet Rod is available in custom lengths up to 96 inches. A center support is required for beams longer than 48 inches.

How far apart should double closet rods be?

When installing double rods, hang the top rod 80 inches from the floor and the bottom rod 40 inches from the floor. Leave at least 3 feet of space between the two rods. These systems usually work best for skirts, blouses, shirts or pants folded over a clothes hanger.

What is the strongest closet rod?

Closet rods made from steel are chrome plated. In addition to being the strongest, they are also very resilient. Even after being overloaded they are likely to spring back to their original shape due to the resilient quality of steel. Stainless Steel is the next strongest material.

How do you fix a sagging closet rod?

When hollow telescoping metal rods begin to sag because you’ve hung too much weight on them, you can bring them back by unscrewing the metal rod from the wall and inserting a slightly smaller-diameter wooden dowel rod inside. Cut it about a half inch shorter that the width of the closet put it back in place.

Are metal or wood closet rods better?

All closet rods for custom closet organizers are made of sturdy metal rather than wood or wire that is coated in various finishes. The higher quality metal rods hold a lot of weight and won’t sag. When you are building a large custom closet and need a lot of hanging space, this is the option many will turn to.

Can I use a curtain rod as a closet rod?

Curtain rods are not designed to fit inside a closet and may not hold all your clothes. They also fail the designer test. The rods are generally silver or white, so this color does not match all closets. If you have melamine shelving, a chrome or white shower curtain rod will match and enhance your closet design.

Do tension rods work in closets?

If you, or someone else in your home, has a collection of shoes eating up precious closet space, use a few tension rods to get the high heels off the floor and display them in a tidy fashion. This tension shelf trick works great inside the closet itself, or as shown here, in a convenient dressing room nook.

How do I keep my tension rod from falling down?

The caps on tension rods are often made of plastic, but even rubber ones are so incompressible that moist, smooth surfaces such as tile or fiberglass can’t hold them. You can fix that by gluing rubber shelf lining material to the ends with strong glue – two-part epoxy or contact cement.

What can I use instead of a curtain rod?

One of the most common things that people use as a curtain rod alternative is a copper pipe. Copper pipes are interesting because they can provide you with a very unique look. Many people are drawn to the look of copper, so using a copper pipe as a curtain rod is going to be appealing.

How can I make a cheap curtain rod?

An old piece of fence or a coatrack that you don’t use any longer is a great way to create your own DIY curtain rod. Just take a section of fence or rack and hang a few hooks on it to hold your curtains. This is a great rustic décor idea and a really cheap one, too.

How do you make a homemade curtain rod?

How do I choose a curtain rod?

You’ll want to choose a curtain rod based on the material and weight of your curtains. Heavier blackout curtains should be paired with thicker curtain rods at least one-inch thick. Thinner rods are best for lighter fabrics like sheer curtains. Keep in mind that thicker rods are usually more durable than thin rods.

What does 3 inch rod pocket mean?

Curtain Rod Pockets

Our Lace Window Treatments and Window Tiers usually have this size pocket. A 3 inch pocket will accept a 2 1/2 inch continental curtain rod or a 1 1/2 inch diameter round decorative rod. Most of our Curtains and Drapes have this size pocket.

What color should my curtain rod be?

White or neutral: If your room is mostly white with little contrast, a white curtain rod will blend in nicely. Bright and contrasting accent colors: Select a color that matches with the rest of your accent décor. If your room is mostly neutrals with dark wood accents, select darker curtain rods that match.