What is a Cisco device pack?

–> A device pack allows you to configure new IP Phone types to Cisco Unified Communication Manager. –> A device pack also allows you to upgrade the software and related configuration files which are needed to enable particular features on Cisco IP Phones. iii) Restart Cisco CallManager on the Publisher.

What is device profile in Cucm?

In Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, use the Device > Device Settings > Device Profile menu path to configure device profiles. A device profile comprises the set of attributes (services and/or features) that associate with a particular device.

How do I setup a remote destination profile in Cucm?

Remote Destination Profile Configuration

In order to create a new RDP profile, navigate to Device > Device Settings > Remote Destination Profile > Add new. Click Save, now you can see an option to add a new Directory number (DN) .

What is UDP profile in Cucm?

The User Device Profiles (UDP) option in BAT allows you to bulk-add or bulk-delete large numbers of user device profiles. This chapter describes the options for managing user device profiles.

What is a UDP profile?

The User Datagram Protocol (UDP) profile allows an administrator to specify how the BIG-IP LTM virtual server will handle UDP traffic. The UDP profile is located in the Configuration utility under Local Traffic > Profiles > Protocols > UDP.

How many servers are there in a CUCM cluster?

A cluster consists of one publisher and a total maximum of 20 servers (nodes) running various services, including TFTP, media resources, conferencing, and call processing.

What is SIP trunk profile?

Unified Communications Manager Administration groups security-related settings for the SIP trunk to allow you to assign a single security profile to multiple SIP trunks. Security-related settings include device security mode, digest authentication, and incoming/outgoing transport type settings.

How do I create a SIP trunk security profile?

Set Up SIP Trunk Security Profile
  1. In Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, choose System > Security Profile > SIP Trunk Security Profile.
  2. Perform one of the following tasks: To add a new profile, click Add New in the Find window.
  3. Enter the appropriate settings as described in Table 1.
  4. Click Save.