How do I install Edius software?

1) Uninstall the older version of EDIUS.
  1. You can install EDIUS 9 to a PC on which 8.53 or a later version of EDIUS 8 has already been installed, which makes two versions of EDIUS available on the same PC.
  2. Do not deactivate the license when uninstalling EDIUS. Restart your PC as necessary.

How do I activate edius 8?

How do I activate edius 9?

Activation in online or offline is required for activation of the serial number.
  1. Double-click the EDIUS icon on the desktop.
  2. Enter the serial number, and click [Register].
  3. Click [OK] on the confirmation screen.
  4. Enter the registration information for eID, and then click [Login] (optional) .

How do I install edius 7 on Windows 7 edius?

  1. Open command prompt window.
  2. Change directory where EDIUS installer copied.
  3. Run EDIUS installer with /CHECKIGNORE option (ex. EDIUS_7.53_0010_DL_Setup /CHECKIGNORE) MENU. About EDIUS.