How do you install hurricane ties?

Do you put hurricane ties on both sides?

While the majority of the hurricane ties that Simpson Strong-Tie offers are one-sided (such as the H2. 5A), some are designed so the truss or rafter fits inside a “U” shape design to allow for fastening from both sides (such as the H1).

Do Rafter ties go inside or outside?

H1Z clips, per the manufacturer, belong on the outside with the “ears” facing outward (not resting on the top plate). So the upward force on the roof does not cause the top plate to pull away from the walls.

How many nails do you need for a hurricane tie?

Nail each hurricane strap to your truss or rafter with 16-penny framing nails when you install hurricane straps to a roof. Click to see full answer.

How many nails are in a rafter tie?

As you can see, even at the plate, 15 nails are required for each connection in your 4/12 roof; move the rafter ties up and you’ll need 22 nails per connection.

Can you use deck screws for hurricane ties?

Reply: generally no

Why not use screws? However, the risk if construction screws are used in steel connectors such as hurricane tie-downs is that such screws might break under load across the screw diameter even though their screw design resists pulling out of the wood.

Does every joist need a hurricane tie?

Hurricane ties will not usually be required by your local building department, but they are a cost-effective method of securing your joists over a cantilevered beam that may be lifted by high winds.

How many Rafter ties do I need for deck?

The code around here for rafters, etc. is one tie on every other rafter. We are required to put either 1-h1 or 1-h2. 5 on every rafter. if its a double girder truss or something like that it will typically require 2-h2.

What are hurricane straps?

A hurricane strap is a connector that is used to strengthen wood framed roofs and homes. The most popular hurricane straps are made of galvanised steel or stainless steel and they are designed to protect structures from the ravages of adverse weather events such as tropical storms and winter storms.

How much are hurricane straps?

Tie down hardware, also known as hurricane clips, can be installed for under $10. A house sized 40′ x 30′ requires approximately 42 pieces, so providing added assurance with tie down hardware would cost between $200 and $400.

How much does it cost to retrofit a hurricane strap?

How Much Does Hurricane Clip Retrofitting Cost? Retrofitting costs for most homes range from at $850 to $1,350, which includes a wind mitigation inspection (these usually cost about $100).

Are hurricane straps effective?

How effective are hurricane clips at protecting your house? Between 50% to 70% of hurricane induced losses are due to roof failures. The simple explanation is that roof to wall connectors (clips) add a tested, proven, and surprisingly large degree of resistance to wind gusts and steady storm force winds.

How long are hurricane ties?

Each clip is 5.25 inches long by 5.25 inches wide with 3/4-inch wide flanges.

Can you add hurricane straps to an existing roof?

To install hurricane straps on an existing roof, you‘ll need to remove the soffit. Once removed, you‘ll need to secure the connectors at every wall to rafter connection. In other instances, hurricane straps can be installed during a roof replacement or re-roofing.

Can you bend hurricane ties?

Field-bending straps is not recommended unless otherwise noted. If wood splitting is a concern, consider spacing the nails at every other location. The cut length of coil strap shall be equal to twice the “end length” noted in the tables plus the clear-span dimension.

How much weight can a hurricane tie hold?

Framing Connectors for Lumber including Rafters, Trusses, and Joists
Hurricane Tie: H2
Uplift Load (Lbs.): 495
Lateral Load (Lbs.): 160
Steel Gauge: 18
Material: 316 Stainless Steel

What are strong ties used for?

They are typically used in light-frame construction to resist uplift due to shear wall overturning or wind uplift forces. In panelized roof construction, these connectors are used to anchor concrete or masonry walls to roof framing.

What are hurricane roof clips?

Hurricane clips are metal straps that connect the roof truss to the top of a wall. That way, the roof system won’t blow off during a hurricane.

What is 3rd nail?

Third Nail Mitigation is a hurricane strap retrofit company servicing all of Florida. We offer truss strap mitigation services that qualify homeowners for a 20%-50% annual reduction of their home insurance premium. Our services include: • Hurricane roof strap installation. • Hurricane roof clip installation.

What is a single wrap roof?

Next is “Single Wraps,” a strap that goes over the top of the truss/rafter and down the other side, secured with a minimum of two nails in front and one more on the back of the wrap. A Single Wrap that is not nailed properly gets dropped back to Clips level if it has three nails on the front side.