How do you install a Kangen machine?

How do I set up LeveLuk k8?

How does the enagic k8 work?

With just a touch of a button, you can have access to any of the 5 waters you choose. Your machine will confirm the water you have selected with a pleasant voice, and in moments the machine will generate healthy, ionized water through a flexible pipe.

Is Kangen water a pyramid scheme?

Kangen Water is sold through multi-level marketing, which looks very similar to a pyramid scheme. The multi-level marketing system used by Enagic® to sell its water ionizer has been called a scam because it doubles the price of the kangen water® machine.

Do Japanese hospitals use Kangen water?

There has been more research done in Japan on drinking water than anywhere else. A 36 year-old Japanese company named Enagic developed the technology for the Kangen Water Machines. They have been providing to Japanese hospitals, restaurants, and other industries for over 30 years.

Why is Kangen water so expensive?

Because it is sold through multi-level marketing, the Kangen machine® is the most expensive water ionizer on the market. The filter costs more than twice what the filters for any other brand of water ionizer cost. The bottom line is, MLM pyramid scheme used to sell the kangen water machine® is a rip off.

Does Kangen water eliminate bacteria?

The machine hooks directly to your water faucet and can create five types of water at different pH levels. Strong Kangen pH 11.5 can wash chemicals and pesticides off fruits and vegetables or clean stains. Strong acidic water pH 2.5 can kill bacteria and viruses, thus sanitizing your skin, produce and cookware.

How long does a Kangen machine last?

Each Enagic® System carries a three to five year parts and labor warranty depending on the model. The life expectancy of these carefully and quality manufactured ionizers is 12 to 15 years or more.

Is Enagic Legit?

Enagic is a legitimate company that sells high-quality water ionizer systems. These systems are guaranteed from defects for the first 30 days. At that point, it’s a no-questions-asked return/exchange for free.

Can you make money with Enagic?

Selling more Kangen water systems is a lot like a race. The more you sell, the more profits you‘ll earn. And it can be fun to gamify the process, where you make selling fun and turn it into a game.

Who owns enagic?

Welcome to Enagic! “ Hironari Oshiro CEO Enagic International, Inc. Mr. Oshiro is always ready to celebrate life and success with music and song and this month he will celebrate his 75th birthday!

How much does it cost to join Enagic?

According to their website, it doesn’t cost anything to become an Enagic distributor: no sign-up fees, no-monthly qualifications (unless you’re aiming for the 6A+ awards), no stocking of inventory, no annual renewal, no time limits. That said, it appears you do need to buy one of Enagic’s products for around $4,000.

What is the highest rank in enagic?

A 6A distributor makes the highest compensation in Enagic. Think of it as the highest discipline in karate which is the ‘Black’ belt.

How do I sell my enagic?

Enagic offers a wonderful direct selling opportunity for people who have the drive to succeed.

What Successful Distributors Are Doing

  1. Share the Kangen Water with Others.
  2. Share the Information.
  3. Provide Live Demonstrations to Potential Customers.
  4. Follow-Up on Sales Leads.
  5. Duplicate Successful Performance.
  6. Start Having Fun!

How much is the Kangen Water machine?

A Kangen water® machine cost around $4000, that’s a lot of money.

What is the enagic trifecta?

An Enagic trifecta is when you purchase your first product from your chosen distributor, ideally an Anespa Shower System. Your distributor then instructs you how to sell yourself say a K8 Water Machine through your Anespa Distributor ID.

Is enagic a MLM?

While Enagic is an MLM, it’s not a traditional MLM. With Enagic’s business model, once you purchase a product as a distributor, you are a distributor for life. There are no monthly fees, no monthly spending requirements, and no monthly sales targets.

How do you finance a Kangen water machine?

Enagic allows buyers to finance their machines in cases where a full payment cannot be made. Generally what is needed is a small down payment, and the financing application with the buyer agreeing to the monthly payments that must be made until the machine has been paid in full.