How do you secure a ladder rack to a truck?

How do you bolt on a ladder rack?

How do you install a Harbor Freight ladder rack?

Is a ladder rack worth it?

Ladder racks are valuable accessories that can enhance your truck’s cargo capacity. They make it more convenient to put heavier equipment like a kayak or canoe on your pickup truck before you head out on an adventure. Also, you can readily dedicate your truck bed to less bulky equipment.

How much are ladder racks at Harbor Freight?

Excellent product for $99 can’t beat it.

How do you make a truck rack?

Does Harbor Freight sell truck racks?

Haul heavy lumber and cumbersome steel in the back of your pick-up truck with this durable truck rack. The solid steel construction of this truck rack can withstand up to 800 lb. making it ideal for any shop owner, home craftsman or contractor with a lot of equipment to haul!