How does SimpliSafe Smart Lock work?

The SimpliSafe Smart Lock will alert you in real-time on any type of activity on your door. A physical weather resistant PIN pad that comes with the lock can be used to unlock the door and disarm your system from outside.

How do I activate SimpliSafe Smart Lock?

Activate the Lock using your SimpliSafe System’s Keypad

Bring your keypad over to the door for easier install. Hit the “menu” button to get started. If you don’t see Lock listed under “Add Device,” check for updates on your Keypad by going to Menu > System Settings > Check for Updates.

Can you use SimpliSafe lock by itself?

The SimpliSafe Smart Lock makes sense if you have already invested in a SimpliSafe Home Security System (and in fact won’t work without the system, although a standalone lock is in the works).

How do I reconnect my SimpliSafe lock?

After flipping the Simplisafe base station upside down, open the battery compartment. Remove the battery from the base station. After a short interval, place the battery back in the battery compartment of the Simplisafe base station. Reconnect the power cord between the power socket and the Simplisafe base station.