Where do you put a boat transducer?

How low do you mount a transducer on a boat?

On outboard or inboard/outboard boats, it is best to locate the transducer at least 15″ (38.1 cm) to the side of the propeller(s). See the Side Imaging section for additional Side Imaging mounting requirements.

How do you install a fishfinder transducer?

Where should my transducer be mounted?

The location should be as close to the center of the boat as possible, but on the side of the downward swing the propeller. On the majority of boats, this will be on the starboard (right) side.

Will a transducer work out of water?

Transducer will not work out of water. There are ways to install them inside a hull but air must be excluded and the hull needs to be in water before the unit will work. Best to calibrate at the dock or at launch.

Can you mount a transducer on the port side?

I mounted my Transducer on the port side so when I’m fishing its on my side. If you can mount it 12 to 18 inches from your lower unit you should be fine. It’s more important to have the transducer mounted properly.

Can you run 2 fish finders off 1 transducer?

Yes, you can use two head units with one transducer but not at the same time. You can also have two transducers with just one head unit, but can only use one transducer at any time.

Can I mount a transducer inside the hull?

As an alternative to transom mounting, it is possible on many fiberglass-hulled boats to glue the transducer on the inside of the boat hull. Since fiberglass has similar sonar characteristics as water, the sonar signal can pass through the boat hull with minimal loss.

Will 2 transducers interfere with each other?

The interference is typically manageable when the two ‘ducers are separated by a boat length (one at the bow and one on the transom), but two transducers within a couple of feet of each other on the transom will make for some considerable interference when both are operating.

Can you run two transducers on a boat?

While it is not recommended that more than one transducer be run simultaneously, there can be multiple transducers installed on a boat. If two transducers are transmitting at or close to the same frequency and the signals cross, interference may appear on the display of your Garmin Marine Chartplotter.

Where do you put two transducers?

Get a long piece of starboard and mount it along the bottom contour. Then mount the transducers to the starboard. Fewer holes and you can seal off the piece of starboard better. Get a long piece of starboard and mount it along the bottom contour.

Can you split a transducer cable?

You can get a switch box that will allow two sounders to share a single transducer, but not simultaneously. Remember that the sounder has two-way communication with the transducer, sending out “pings” and then listening for the return echo.

Can you fix a transducer cable?

You can do it if you keep the solder joints small, stagger the splices so you don’t get a huge lump in the line, and wrap the two wire pairs and whole bundle with foil tape, using liquid electrical tape under shrink wrap. It ain’t fun, but it can be done.

Can you repair a transducer wire?

It’s almost impossible unless you have microcircuitry equipment. The wires are tiny, the actual conductors are even smaller and don’t tin well. You have to stagger your repairs and heat shrink/seal each one, or you‘ll end up with a huge bulge in the outer cable, which also has to be repaired and then made waterproof.

How do I run a transducer cable?

Lay the transducer on the ground on a towel or something soft. Run the console plug up through or along the jackplate and into the boat through the boot where all the engine cables enter. Fish the console plug in the boot until you can grab it from the vent hole. Pull as much cable as you can up through the vent hole.

How do you install a transom on a transducer cable?

  1. Drill a 5/8? ( 16mm) hole above the water line. Route the. cable through the hole.
  2. Fill the hole with silicone sealant.
  3. Place the escutcheon plate over the hole and attach with the two #8 x 5/8? ( 16mm) screws.
  4. Secure the cable by attaching the cable camp to the transom using a #8 x 5/8?

What can I do with extra transducer cable?

Re: what do people do with excess transducer cable

You can cut and shorten the cables if you wish, but make sure all joins are soldered, waterproofed and ahe foil and wire shields are rejoined.

How do you run wires from a boat?

Can I use regular wire on a boat?

In general, automotive wire can be used on boats, assuming that it is SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering) J378, J1127 or J1128 rated, but it is not recommended. Most importantly, marine wire is larger for a given gauge size, up to 12% larger in some sizes.

What kind of wire do you use for a boat?

The ABYC recommends wire conductors of at least 16-AWG (gauge) for lights and other similar equipment. That’s minimum, and heavier gauge isn’t much more expensive — and generally no more trouble to install. We suggest you use 12- or 14-AWG to minimize your voltage drops, or more if the manufacturer suggests it.