What would you do if you are on a date when suddenly there is awkward silence? This uncomfortable situation happens, and some people would ignore it, thinking it’s a normal thing. If you want to impress a guy, this is not the way to do it. There are simple tips and tricks on keeping the conversation going with a guy and maintaining the intensity from start to the end.

You have to keep things interesting if you want to keep the guy interested in you. If you see him yawn several times, then it is a sign that you are doing it wrongly. Put yourself together and think of something that will add spark to your conversation.

Below are some tips on how to keep a conversation going with a guy that you can apply once you see your man yawn. Do not wait for him to yawn again. It will be the end for you.

  1. Show interest that you want to know more about him

Of course, you’re interested in him because he is good looking or smells good or hot. But it is not enough to make your conversation lasts. You have to show genuinely that you want to know more about him. Ask him questions about his interest and show reactions that will signal him that you are indeed curious about him. Don’t just fake your reaction. He will notice it.

  1. Try to be observant

Be very observant. Observe how he reacts when you mention a specific topic. Maybe you have asked him about a popular game, but you don’t see any good reaction from him. Asking another question about his hobby would be a good one. But if he remains to be not that enthusiast to talk about it, then switch to another topic right away as you ignore his reaction and less mindful of his action. The next thing you see on him is sleepy eyes.

If talking about his favorite movie makes him talk more, it can be the topic he wants to talk about. If you have been talking about it for an hour and haven’t seen changes in his energy, let the conversation flow. But once you observe any changes in his tone, change the topic right away.

  1. Ask about his job or workplace

If you are with an adult professional, talking about his work can be an interesting one for him. Since he is spending most of his time in the office, he can share lots of things about it. He can talk about his projects, his workmates, or about his boss. Make sure you can give back your opinion if you feel he is waiting for it from you. Let the conversation flow freely as if you have known the guy for so long.

Give some intelligent input on the topic. Maybe give him some advice if he is talking about his nagging boss. It makes him feel that you are a friend he can talk to if he has a problem. Rest assured, he will be calling you every time he needs someone to talk to.

  1. Talk about something he posted on social media

Since people are into social media, this can be a great way to keep the conversation flowing. If you see he posted something, you can comment on that and wait for his response. Make sure your comment is interesting enough to catch his attention.

You can complement the photo he posted. But maybe it would be best to ask a question about the picture to lengthen the conversation. If he noticed that you are checking on his activities, he would get the message you are interested in him. But make sure it doesn’t look like you are stalking him as you might scare him away.

  1. Keep the conversation on a light tone, funny, and friendly

Most of the time, if there is romantic tension between you and the guy, you are hesitant to converse freely because you want to remain the prim and proper lady. You avoid awkwardness and look stupid in front of him. If he also feels the same way as you do, the conversation will not last long, even if you are interested in knowing each other well.

If you really want to keep the conversation going with this guy, you should initiate the process and let him feel comfortable. Forget about being prim and proper. Just be yourself. If he sees that in you, he might also do the same thing and be comfortable with the situation.

Don’t fear of being judged, and he will also do the same thing. Being silly sometimes can be the best way to get closer to each other. If he feels you are natural, he might open up to you more. A friendly conversation makes it more fun.

  1. Avoid personal question

Wait for the right time. If you are comfortable with each other, you will soon get a chance to ask him personal questions. In the meantime, avoid asking him about his past relationships, problems, or other sensitive questions. If he feels offended or does not like your questions, he might shut you off in an instant. You may discuss love and relationships but do not get deeper into it unless he is the one who brings this up.

You can ask about these topics naturally and not to the point that you will ask him why they broke up. Know your limits, and make sure that you do not go overboard.

  1. Share your experiences

If he feels comfortable talking to you, you can start talking about your experiences. Let him ask questions. Don’t just narrate your story. You can speak of your funniest and silliest experience if you make him laugh. Good job. It means you got his attention. Also, it shows that he is not bored and you are interesting to talk to. Make the conversion an unforgettable one that every time he remembers, it will put a smile on his face.

By showing it first yourself, he will probably do it also. If you open up to the guy without inhibitions, he will feel obligated to do the same. Many guys want to show off themselves so let them be. All they need is a sign that you are fine with them doing that.

  1. Display the appropriate body language

Showing how interested you are in a guy can be done by talking and with your body language. If he reads this, he will probably know by now that it is not only on what you say that he needs to focus on but also on the way you behave.

Steady eye contact while talking to him is a good start. But do not overdo it. You might scare him off. Just relax, pose a good posture, and smile and laugh if you need to. Again, do not overdo it. He might think you are crazy. Makes him feel that the conversation he started interest you a lot. But if you are not conversing face to face, this is not possible. If you are talking via text, adding emojis to your text can send relevant emotions to it.

  1. Do not make yourself too available for the guy

You have to keep things interesting. If you are all out to the guy right away and make yourself available anytime, he wants to or even if he doesn’t want to. He might lose interest in you. You should remain a mystery to him and interesting. If he finds you quite interesting, do not lose that feeling. Don’t be too open to the guy.

If he knows everything about you on the first day you met him, then what is the use of having a conversation with you longer. It makes him feel curious about you and every day gives him a reason to know you better.

  1. Give him space

If you like this guy, you probably want to talk to him night and day, 7 days a week. But you cannot do that. Do not force him. If he didn’t reply to your messages, do not spam his inbox. You have to give him the space he needs. Maybe he is too busy to talk to you, or he is not in the mood to talk to someone. Let him do what he wants to do.