The holidays are finally over, and people are back to school. It’s now high time for students to begin developing crushes again with a hope that probably this year, something different will happen. However, let’s say you are sitting in that class, and there’s this handsome guy you see that your body and mind get attracted to. But you aren’t sure if the guy likes you too. Don’t fret!

Luckily, there are many things you can understand by simply paying attention to the guy’s behavior, body language, and how he acts close to you. Some men could be shy and fear showing these behaviors, but others are bold enough so these signs may not coexist.

  1. Pay Attention to How He Looks at You

When you are in the same room with the guy, try to pay attention to see whether he keeps looking your way. When you begin noticing that he glances at you regularly and you don’t have anything weird stuck on your face or teeth, then this is a nice proof that he likes you.

If you pop at him staring at you then looks away quickly, that means the guy was looking at you and not only your general area.

However, don’t get discouraged if you realize he is giving you more attention at a particular time. Perhaps he might have something different running on his mind at that particular time, but that doesn’t mean he’s not thinking about you.

  1. He Touches You to Trap Your Attention

Physical touch is a nice indicator of attraction does the guy place his arm on your shoulder or tap your shoulder to capture your attention? In class, students sit close to each other or in a group set up, and if the guy sits across from you, this will go down automatically that he likes you.

When sitting close to you, the guy may frequently tap you to capture your attention. Or he will generally shift his body to bump you.

However, if you think the guy loves you, but you don’t like him back, any type of physical touch can be extremely uncomfortable. When this is the case, you can just move away whenever he comes closer to you to make it harder for the guy to touch you. Also, there’s no harm in saying, “Please don’t touch me.”

  1. He’s More Good to You in Class

You don’t have a pen; he has you covered. You lack a book to write your notes, and he has you covered. Do you want help carrying your luggage? He does that for you. In general, the guy will be good to you, and you’ll end up classifying him as an excellent guy. Sometimes this sign may be quite hard to show you whether he likes you truly. But you can watch and see if he does this to other ladies around. But if he places all attention on you, and not on everyone in the class, then he loves you.

  1. He Becomes Nervous Close to You

This happens mostly to shy guys. They like you secretly but won’t raise their heads when you are close to them. Major symptoms when you are present include uncontrollable smiles or laughs, too much eye contact, shifty eyes, and weird remarks. You can remedy this by hanging around near him often then make the guy feel a bit comfortable. He will gradually restore to the normal self.

  1. He Requests You to Be His Study Partner

At first, this sign may fail to be a strong indicator that he likes you. However, if he is frequently requesting you to go and revise outside the class and you people begin chit-chatting concerning other kinds of stuff apart from classwork, that’s a good signal that the person is interested in you.

It’s good to test the water for a while and get to know the kind of person you are. Additionally, it doesn’t make issues awkward since the two of you have one goal in mind; to study.

  1. He Buys You Gifts

Well, the gifts that the guy is going to buy you aren’t going to be expensive or fancy. Remember the guy is still in school. He can’t afford to buy you some of the expensive designer bags and shoes. So when it comes to gifts, be ready to receive something small.

It might be any practical object like a water bottle, bookmarks, or a pen. And you best chance that it will mean something when he buys you gifts on Christmas or during your birthday party. Once he does that, it’s most likely that the guy likes you so much.

  1. The Guy Makes Friends with Your Allies

He’ll start building friendships with some of your friends. And in this way, it will be easier to hang around and talk to you. Also, he might be doing this, perhaps if he wants to know more information concerning you. Therefore, making friendship with your friends will assist him in gaining more knowledge about you.

And it’s not wrong finding some friends to ferry you guys together. This will make a smooth transition when you are almost getting together.

  1. You Receive Frequent Invites from Him

If the guy keeps on inviting you for concerts, band performances, and birthday parties, be sure that he likes you. Why should a person keep on inviting you all the time? Furthermore, there are many special occasions that you are aware of. For instance, the formal activities that your school holds like dances, proms, benchmarking, and other sports activities. When the guy is asking you to attend these events, he likes you.

  1. Hanging Out with You During Break Time and Lunch

Hanging out having lunch together is the same way as going out on a lunch date. If you find him always behind you during the break and lunchtime and not spending time with his close friends, then he likes you.

If a guy is doing all these signs in front of you, be sure that he likes you. Some of these signs may take effort and time. But if you find yourself also loving him, don’t forget to reciprocate! So that’s how to know if a guy likes you.