How do I get my PhilHealth number online?

The PhilHealth number online inquiry service is available to OFW members only. Simply email a request with your complete name and birthdate to If you can attach an image of your valid ID, that would be better, as it helps PhilHealth to confirm your identity.

How can I get my lost PhilHealth ID?

Inform a PhilHealth officer that you would like to replace your PhilHealth card. The office will give you a request form to fill out. Submit the completed form together with the Affidavit of Loss and two valid IDs. Pay the replacement fee at the cashier.

How can I get MDR online?

To download PhilHealth MDR online, visit the official website of PhilHealth at On the right sidebar, find Member Inquiry Login. Key in your PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN) and password. [2] Answer the Security Question.

How can I update my monthly income in PhilHealth?

Amending your member data
  1. Download PhilHealth Member Registration Form or (PMRF)
  2. Tick FOR UPDATING on the upper right-hand corner of the PMRF.
  3. Fill out PMRF as appropriate.
  4. Submit properly filled out PMRF to the nearest PhilHealth Office.
  5. Await printout of updated Member Data Record.

How can I check my PhilHealth contribution online 2020?

1. How to check it online
  1. Go to the PhilHealth website at
  2. Log in to the Member Inquiry facility by entering your PIN and password (from the activation email.)
  3. Answer the security question.
  4. The Member Static Information page will appear.

How can I update my PhilHealth employer?

Update the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC)

Filled-out form should be submitted in the PHIC office where your company is registered. You as the employer will also need to fill up and submit a PHIC Form ER2 that contains the list of your new employees.

How can I get my PhilHealth Employer Number?

PhilHealth Employer Number (PEN) and the Certificate of Registration.

Submit the following to any PhilHealth Office:

  1. Household Employer Unified Registration Form.
  2. Household Employment Unified Report Form.
  3. Kasambahay Unified Registration Form.

How much is PhilHealth contribution?

1, 2021, those with monthly basic salary of P10,000 and below will pay a fixed rate of P350 per month while those with monthly basic salary of P70,000 and above will pay a fixed rate of P2,450 per month. Further, the premium rate will be increased to 3.5 percent.

What PhilHealth form is needed for hospitalization?

Claim Form 4 (CF4) – Summary of pertinent clinical information of a patient/member during their hospitalization/episode of care that shall be utilized by PhilHealth to conduct evaluation and review of claims.

What is PhilHealth Claim Form 1?

Claim Form 1 (CF1) CF1 is divided into two parts: Part I – Member and Patient Information requires information about the member and patient to ascertain the identity of the member/patient/dependent for eligibility to PhilHealth benefits. Part II – Employer’s Certification. (for employed members’ only)

How much is the PhilHealth contribution in 2020?

In 2020, PhilHealth will increase the rate to 3% and henceforth adjusted to increments of 0.5% every year until it reaches the 5% limit in 2025 as provided for by law.

What if I did not pay my PhilHealth?

“While no one will be denied of PhilHealth coverage due to non-payment of premiums, Morales also clarified that members lacking contributions shall be billed for the unpaid premiums with interests (compounded monthly) and penalties of at least 3% a month for employers, sea-based OFWs, and kasambahays,” PhilHealth said

Can I pay previous months in PhilHealth?

PhilHealth allows retroactive contribution payment for up to three consecutive months, as long as these two conditions are met: Have paid nine consecutive monthly contributions before the unpaid months. Pay retroactively within one month after the unpaid months.

Does PhilHealth expire?

Does PhilHealth membership expire? Technically, yes, it does. If you haven’t made the required contributions within a specified amount of time, you won’t be entitled to claim benefits when you need it.

Where can I pay my PhilHealth late?

Premium remittance made after the due date shall be made at the nearest PhilHealth Office/Local Health Insurance Office (IJ-IIO) subject to the imposition of the applicable interests.

How many times can I use my PhilHealth?

How many times can we use PhilHealth in a year? PhilHealth members are entitled to a maximum of 45 days confinement per calendar year1. The qualified dependents of the member share another set of 45 days benefit per calendar year. However, the 45 days allowance shall be shared among them.

Is there a penalty for late payment of PhilHealth?

1. Late payments for premium shall be computed with interests and/or surcharges. The formula shall be: Interests and/or surcharges = Principal amount x 2% or Php200. 00, whichever is higher, compounded monthly based on the number of months delayed 3.