Do you want to lose a pound in one day? If yes, then let us tell you that you have to burn over 3500 calories. A healthy and active individual consumes between 2000 and 2500 calories per day. So, how would you burn 3500 calories?

Although it seems a bit problematic, you can burn the extra 1000 calories with HIIT training for 1-2 hours. What does this mean? Well, you have to go through starvation and spend time in the fitness center or gym. We certainly do not recommend it. So, how do you lose a pound in one day? Let’s find out!

Effective Methods to lose a pound in a day

Today, on the internet, you will find many articles talking about weight loss in a day. Let us tell you that losing one pound in one day is not easy. You have to make some effort. Also, losing one pound depend on several factors. These include your age, weight, height, medical history, and lifestyle.

Calculate Calories

Although, we told you that you have to burn 3500 calories, let us explain it a bit. Research shows that a person does not need 2000-2500 calories to perform normal body functions, which include breathing, walking, etc.

You can’t starve and spend your day without eating any food. You need some calories to carry out your body functions. So, you need to target 3000 calories in one day. You are not an athlete or bodybuilder, which means you can’t burn more than 3000 calories within 24 hours.

Define your Objective

You have already set your goal, i.e., to lose one pound. However, you have to set a tight deadline. Also, you need to divide your time into chunks to achieve your goal accurately. It is crucial to define a realistic objective of your weight loss.

Experts say that a person should lose 2-5 pounds per week. First, you will lose water content in your body and then fats. Because muscles have more weight than fat, you may feel that you are gaining weight. Don’t weigh yourself for three weeks so that you feel the motivation and achieve a toned body.

Create a calorie deficit

Once you have defined your goal, you need to create a calorie deficit. Consume 500-1000 calories or less than this amount. What does this mean? It means if you regularly consume 2500 calories diet, you need to cut down 1500 calories a day. It also depends on the level of activity. For example, if you exercise actively, you will lose 700 calories. In such a situation, you can consume 1700 calories a day.

Do not eat carbs

It is effortless to understand. Make sure you avoid eating carbs, such as cake, pasta, pastry, candies, doughnuts, flour, and refined sugar. It is because these food items digest fast and quickly.

So, as a result, you will feel hungrier, which means you will crave for more food. Indeed, it is not suitable for your weight loss, especially when you want to lose one pound in a day. Food rich in carbohydrates also increases your blood glucose levels. When you eliminate all sorts of carbs from your diet, you will see the difference in your body weight.

Stay Hydrated

You need to keep your body hydrated. It means you have at least to drink 3-4 liters of water in 24 hours. After cutting down carbs, you need to water to keep your body cells function correctly. Depending on your activity levels, you can increase and decrease your water intake.

Besides, drink more water if you sweat a lot during the exercise. Likewise, you can drink citrus fruit juice, which will keep your body hydrated. However, to lose one pound in a day, we recommend drinking at least 3 liters of water.

When you stay hydrated, you will have a boosted metabolism. Water also improves your stomach function and bowel movement. It means you won’t feel hungry, and at the same time, you will burn fats.

Consume Detox Water

Detox water is one of the best ways to lose one pound in 24 hours. It flushes out toxins and provides water content to your essential systems. We recommend you to drink detox water in the morning. It will provide you with some energy by excreting the toxins.

The best detox water is when you squeeze a lemon in pure water and drink it in the morning. You can also add lime juice to the water. If you think the juice is too citrusy, you can add some honey in it. The recommended amount is one teaspoon honey.

Have a great breakfast

Most people feel overweight and feel less energetic. Do you know why? Well, the reason is that they don’t eat their breakfasts properly. So, you must not do the same. You may not know, but breakfast gives you a lot of energy.

It allows your cells to function correctly. It is crucial to eat proteins in your breakfast. Also, you need to consume healthy fats in your breakfast. When it comes to proteins, you need eggs, tofu, and mushroom. You can eat avocado, pistachios, walnuts, and almonds to get some healthy fats.

Likewise, you can eat a few good carbs as well. These include whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. When you have a great breakfast, you will have active cells. As a result, you will do exercise in a better way.

Eat Healthy Fats

Oils, seeds, nuts are some of the rich sources of healthy fats. In them, you will find both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are helpful in terms of reducing the levels of inflammation in your body.

So, when you have lower levels of inflammation, your body’s stress response system will switch off. It means the system will prevent proteins, fats, and carbs from storing as fat. The reason is that your body will convert proteins into glucose via gluconeogenesis.

Don’t forget fruits and veggies

If you want all essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber in your body, you need to consume a lot of vegetables and fruits. Fruits contain natural antioxidants, which fight free radicals and help reduce inflammation.

Vegetables and fruits also support your gut function. They keep you satiated for a long time and boost your immune system. If you want to lose one pound a day, you must not ignore fruits and veggies.

You must use at least five different vegetables in four servings per day. At the same time, experts recommend eating at least three different fruits with 2-3 meals per day.

Eat Lean Protein

Remember to include lean protein in your 1000 calories diet for a day. Lean protein will provide you energy and help improve muscle. After all, you want to develop muscle and lose fat. Right?

A few best sources of lean proteins are eggs, mushrooms, fish, chicken breast, ground turkey, beans, and legumes. If you want to boost your metabolic processes to burn fat quickly, lean protein can also help in this regard. Lean protein will give you a more tone look, improve your posture, and help lose fat fast.

Load up on Gut Bacteria

Your body contains useful bacteria, which helps in smoothening the process of digestion. Bacteria feed on the dietary fiber and increase its number in the gut area of your body.

Thus, it helps improve your metabolism, which means the quick burning of fats in your body. It is essential to consume probiotic drinks, butter, to get a dose of probiotics. A well-maintained metabolism is a key to weight loss success.

Black Coffee and Green tea

Both work fantastic for losing one pound a day. So, you must add these items in your 1000 calories. Green tea contains catechins, which have excellent antioxidant properties to flush out toxins from your body. It also reduces inflammation and stress in your body.

Moreover, black coffee is a rich source of caffeine, which helps in weight loss. If you are sensitive to the caffeine content, we recommend you to avoid drinking black coffee. On the other hand, if everything seems reasonable, then you must drink 3-4 cups of black coffee or green tea to burn extra fat.


Eating healthy alone won’t work. You have to do some heavy workout to lose one pound in a day. Make sure you do cardio exercises. They increase your heartbeat, pump your muscles, and boost your metabolism. Thus, your body starts burning fat quickly and effectively.

In conclusion, if you follow the above tips, you will safely lose one pound in a single day without damaging your body. Remember that you need to keep a balance between a healthy diet and exercise.