If you seriously admire a girl and want her to be part of your life desperately, then the best thing to start with is making her blush with your conversations and actions. Some men are always clueless about what to tell a lady to make her blush. However, if you that the process of making a girl blush isn’t a stressor, you can come up with some nice techniques to do the task successfully.

However, if you find it hard to make a girl blush, you are in the right place. The guide explains ways on how you can make a girl blush. Start practicing today, and you’ll become a master soon.

  1. Eye Contact

One important thing about making a lady blush is that you don’t necessarily have to know her in-depth. You can glance at her in a specific manner, and she’ll finally blush. You can use your eye contact to make the girl blush without even speaking to her. For this method to work, make sure you make close eye contact with the girl then hold that position for some time. After that, focus your eyes in a different direction as you smile.

Once the girl smiles back, this shows that she has a sense of attraction for you. When someone else starts talking or something else attracts your attention, don’t continue staring at her as this can cause a creepy leering

Do this repeatedly, and don’t forget to hold her gaze for a moment to make her know that you are interested in her. Having done, look away as you smile to make her blush.

  1. Smile at Her

Your broad smile to a girl is one of the powerful tools you can use to make her blush. A smile can be used to make someone jealous, angry, and happy. However, make sure you smile at her as you walk close to her. Doing this will help her understand that you are interested in her. Smiling with a wink at the end as you pass near the girl will make hey blush.

But the best thing to do is smiling at the girl while talking to her in a way that will make her feel quite shy.

  1. Give Her Unexpected Compliments

This is the easiest and most direct way to make a girl blush. Nearly everyone appreciates a nice compliment. When you decide to use the right words— passing through the thin line between funny and sincere— the girl might start blushing.

Please make sure the compliments you are using concern her and don’t attempt to exaggerate things while making compliments. You can also try exploring topics concerned with her looks but don’t make it extremely thick at least two compliments for every conversation will work best. Too many compliments will make her feel uncomfortable.

  1. Tease Her

Nothing will make the lady blush more than teasing her a little bit. It’s among the best things that ladies love most, and you can use this trick in person and through the text. Without some session of sly flirting and a little bit of teasing, there’s no fun in your conversation.

The truth is, when you tease a girl properly, this will not only make her blush but will make her feel much attracted to you. However, make sure you keep this clean. Please be careful not to turn the teasing process into a hazing scene. Some people tend to tease a lady excessively. Doing this turns a girl’s face red with anger but not love.

  1. Crack Inside Jokes

Another nice way to make the girl blush is by making inside jokes. You can also express the jokes via texts. In case you knew each other for a long time, then you must have been having some moments to develop some form of an inside story or inside joke. Perhaps you used this at a party or while hanging up with a group of friends somewhere.

Inside stories and jokes make people feel more close since they are the only ones who understand what jokes mean. That’s why inside jokes should make a girl blush.

  1. Touch Her

This is the surest way to make a girl blush. But for this method to work, you must understand that the lady wouldn’t mind the physical touch. Physically touching the girl may be a bit risky. That’s why you must be certain concerning some of the questions raised before concerning your relationship status and about your comfort level.

However, if you’ve been dating for some time and have shared the most intimate moments before, then she wouldn’t worry anytime you play footsie with her or kiss her.

  1. Flirt Her

Something innocent, such as eye contact, won’t make all girls blush. Some won’t blush! But simple, good-natured flirting will perform the trick properly. Flirting is an expertise that’s quite hard to describe in a simple step.

One way to flirt with the girl is by giving her a ridiculous compliment accompanied by sarcastic or joking delivery. For instance, if she flexes to expose her bicep, you can tell her words like “Oooh, soo sexy.” This should come as though you are teasing her, but you must be a little bit sincere.

Making a lady blush is an important thing you can do to her. It’s a great thing, and this can make her love you more. However, some guys may find it as though it’s a hard task. In a real sense, it’s not. You don’t have to get worried concerning some practices you’ll do to make any lady blush.