What kind of wood do you use to make a jewelry box?

What kind of wood is best for making a jewelry box? Many types of hardwoods, including poplar, pine, birch, oak, and Beechwood, are well suited for making jewelry boxes. Any wood that offers sturdiness, a smooth, even grain and texture, and ease of workability will do.

What tools do I need to make a jewelry box?

Tools You’ll Need to Make a Jewelry Box
  1. Table Saw.
  2. Bandsaw.
  3. Jointer.
  4. Planer.
  5. Sander.
  6. Router Table.
  7. Cross Cut Sled – Check Out My Video Here.

How deep should a jewelry box be?

I usually don’t go higher than about 1″, which is deep enough to hold ring/earring inserts. Also remember that small, deep compartments can be difficult to get stuff out of.

How do you make a jewelry box out of pallets?