When in the wilderness alone with nothing but just the wild surrounding you, it’s best that you know how to survive. One of the most recommended survival tips is to know how to make a snare. A snare can protect you from predators and help you hunt for food.

A snare is a type of trap that you can use to hunt small animals such as rabbits, little deers or game or in the wild. Learn how to make your own snare below:

Making A Snare – Step by Step Guide

Step 1 Find a good location to set up your trap

Depending on where you pitch your tent, it should be a little near your shelter so you can monitor the trap without being too close. Positioning the trap a little too close might scare off the animals discouraging them to approach the trap. An appropriate spot is where there are little twigs and woods to set up the trap.

Step 2 Installing the cable for the snare

  • If you’re looking into trapping bigger animals, cut your cable at least 10 feet as a desired length. For small to medium animals to trap, you can cut at least 3-6 feet of the cable. Make sure you’ve brought with you a wire cutter to cut the cables easily.
  • Then you need to curve your cable, (you can pick either left or right), so the end of the cable can be wrapped throughout the cable’s spool. This curve that you made will serve as the head of the cable.
  • Once you’ve set up the head of the cable, start attaching the end stopper of your cable, also known as ferrule. Check again if this side has been curved appropriately.
  • You’ll need to attach the ferrule to the cable by hammering it carefully. Check if it’s not too loosely attached.

Step 3 Set-up the washer and swivel head

  • You need to inspect the other end of the cable to install the washer, making sure that it easily slips downwards where you attached the ferrule. Use this later to help attach the swivel head.
  • Then, grab the cable’s loop end and attach it onto the entrance of the swivel’s barrel. Have it placed down the cable line.

Step 4 Lock the Snare Trap

  • Use a twist type of lock to secure the snare collar of the trap. Where the loop of the cable is, slid the snare collar right to the cable downwards. Double check if you have covered the the swivel head properly and the snare collars are all the way down.
  • Next, is to install the micro lock on the cable’s loop. The lock must be facing towards the cable’s loop.

Step 5 Position the cable on the ground

  • On one hand, grab the snare allowing the cable to rest on your hand while letting it slowly drop to its actual form. You should be seeing a little curve once you’ve positioned it to the ground. This serves as your shepherd’s cane.
  • You will need to prepare your hammer, drill and 1/16” nail. You will need to make a hole to set the cables in the base so it would work effectively without getting loose. Then, drill a hole with a depth of 1/16” to have the cable attached inside.

Step 6 Finishing Touches

  • Check if the other end of the cable where it has a longer slot is at 90 degrees. If not, make some further adjustments to achieve the desired positioning.
  • Then, attach the last ferrule to the cable to secure the entire trap.