Coffee has been mocked and praised over the years. It has been accused of causing madness and impotence, and other times, coffee is known as a “gift from heaven” or a cure for laziness.

Coffee is a globally consumed drink that has numerous beneficial effects on your body. It contains potassium and magnesium that helps your body regulate blood sugar levels, reducing your urge for sugary snacks and treats.

However, here is the secret to making coffee taste good to jump start your day well. The procedure is simple and won’t take much of your time.

Step 1: Begin by Cleaning the Coffee Machine

Stale water and old coffee grounds that remain behind on the coffee maker will quickly tarnish the taste of your coffee and make it sour. Even though you don’t necessarily have to wash the coffee maker after each brew, make sure you clean it regularly.

Frequent cleaning will remove all the old coffee grounds that could lower your coffee taste.

Step 2: Perform a Test Run

Most coffee makers won’t heat the water perfectly when you switch them on immediately. This happens especially to the traditional coffee makers. The water won’t heat enough until you use the machine two to three times.

However, to improve the water temperature, add plain water to the device first. Doing this will help it heat properly before you start brewing the actual coffee.

Also, it will give it an immediate flush and push out any old coffee grounds remaining on the brewer.

Step 3: Use Cold Water

Now that your coffee maker is ready to be used, it’s vital to look at the water that you’ll use and whether it will provide you the best results. Even if you want to drink the coffee hot, water that starts heating when cold will cook your coffee properly.

Make sure you use cool water or at least refrigerated water. Don’t use hot or warm water when brewing the coffee. Allow the coffee machine to warm the water first to the desired temperature for you.

Step 4: Check On the Water Temperature

When it comes to temperature, ensure that the water temperature is somewhere between 194 degrees to 206 degrees F. when boiling your water, you can buy a nice thermometer to help you measure the temperature.

When using a drip coffee maker that heats the water, monitor it frequently to ensure that it’s heating the water to the desired temperature. But when it’s not, make sure you adjust the settings or buy a new coffee maker to arrive at accurate results.

Step 5: Use Filtered Water

When preparing coffee with water directly from the tap, then you are missing out! Tap water has fluoride and chlorine chemicals to keep it clean. The substances can interact with the coffee, thus altering its taste.

Therefore, try to use filtered water every time you think of preparing coffee or even buy a water filter for the tap to remove these chemicals from the water before brewing the coffee.

Step 6: Use Fresh Beans

You need to check on the type of coffee beans you are using. Ensure you check on the freshness of the beans. If they have been in your kitchen for a while, then there is a nice chance that the beans have gone stale without your knowledge.

When the beans are still new but have a stale taste, then you need to look for a roaster that will roast their beans rather than purchasing them pre-roasted.

Step 7: Store The Coffee Beans Properly

Never store the beans inside a freezer and ensure you keep them safe in a container that prevents the entry of air while they wait to be used. Furthermore, please don’t attempt to store coffee for an extended duration because, despite your attempts to keep coffee fresh, it will still go stale.

Nothing is boring than using a stale coffee cup to kick start your day in the morning. The steps above will help you prepare coffee that tastes better.

How to Make Coffee Taste Good Without Sugar

Here are things to use if you want to make your coffee taste sweeter without sugar:

  1. Use Grass-Fed Butter and Coconut Oil

Before questioning about adding butter or oil to your coffee, give it a trial first. Adding grass-fed butter or coconut oil is a nice way to top up some healthy fat to your morning routine. Apart from providing the beverage a nice creamy flavor, it assists in satiating your coffee hangover for an extended period.

Add one teaspoon of grass-fed butter or coconut oil to the cup with brewed coffee. Make sure you stir properly. You can also use a blender If you want the ingredients to blend properly.

  1. Spices – Pumpkin Spice or Cinnamon

you can try this if you wish to add flavor to your coffee without sugars or added fats. Boosting your coffee with a little pumpkin spice or cinnamon gives it the spice feeling without getting worried about moving over the micros.

Cinnamon has numerous advantages. It acts as an anti-inflammatory that can assist you in regaining energy after a hard workout day. Ensure you purchase the pure stuff. Don’t buy spices full of additives.

You can also try producing your pumpkin spice that contains a mixture of spices, more so nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves. All of these have anti-inflammatory characteristics. Just add either of the spice to your coffee to adjust the taste making it sweeter.

  1. Vanilla/ Almond Extract

Extracts are a nice way to boost flavor to your coffee without using sugar. If you are a frequent baker, then you have some on your kitchen counters. But it’s advisable to buy the pure type to ensure no other additives on the vanilla or almond extract.

You can also buy a pure extract, even though it’s costly, you’ll still end up saving your money as it won’t take a lot to arrive at that flavor boost.

If you long for an iced vanilla latte flavor, you can try mixing it with almond milk. Doing this is an easy and simple way to arrive at that nice coffee taste without using sugar.

Those are just a few ways to add flavor to your regular coffee intake, and you can mix and match the ingredients above to come up with a perfect blend. More so, keeping the ingredients simple and pure will assist you in maintaining a proper macros track in your body.

How to Make Coffee Taste Good with Milk


  • Sugar
  • 1 cup of milk
  • ½ cup of water
  • 4 tablespoons of coffee grounds (espresso)
  • Begin by placing the coffee inside the coffee maker. Make sure you follow the instructions since they vary depending on the coffee maker type.
  • Then add water. When using a stovetop espresso maker, ensure you turn the heat up.
  • As the coffee brews, put the milk on a small saucepan then change the heat to medium-high. Let the milk heat for some time and immediately it starts boiling, reduces the temperature slightly to keep simmering.
  • Finally, transfer the coffee to a thick, tall glass, and in a careful and quick stream, add the milk inside. Doing this will cool the coffee/milk mixture as it creates a foam layer on the glass. Then add sugar to add taste, then enjoy the sweet coffee with milk.