In the Catholic Church, Holy Water is one of the most sacred items in the vicinity. It’s believed to cleanse objects and even provide healing to some illnesses. You’ll notice churchgoers dipping their fingers to the holy water and make a sign of a cross.

If you’re curious how to make holy water, here’s a quick guide to show you how to do it.

Things you will need

  • 1 glass of spring water
  • 1 teaspoon of rock or mineral salt

It’s best to use natural ingredients instead of buying store-bought salt and bottled water. Its natural form and organic character will make a difference compared to other regular ingredients.

Making Holy Water

  1. Find a place where you can do this and make the holy water with zero distractions. It has to be peaceful so you can focus with the ingredients at hand. This is not just a typical mixing of ingredients but it involves performing a ceremony to make the water holy.
  2. Connect yourself fully to the entity that you believed in and with the universe as well. Let those positive energy flow through you as you make this connection. Focus and let go of your thoughts and don’t let any distractions mix in it.
  3. Then, take the spring water first. Put the water on the palm of your hand, whichever you prefer left or right. Let all the positive energies of the water flow through your palms, to your veins and into your system. Feel the weight of the water of your palm and create a connection.
  4. Once you start feeling the full connection, express the following words out loud:

“You are the water that cleanses and quenches. With the power of (say the name of your god/entity) and the universe, this water is to be blessed. Let this water be cleansed from impurities, negativity, evilness and any form of toxic. Let all these harmful elements leave and abandon this water.”

  1. Then develop the water’s potency by forming a sign through your finger. Depending on which entity you belong, draw your own sign at least three times, for example like drawing a cross on it.
  2. Next, take the salt and follow steps 2-5. Do the same ceremony and let go of any distractions that will disturb the ritual.
  3. After the salt has been blessed, take it and mix it with the spring water. After mixing the water and salt, do again the sign of your entity at least three times to bring more potency to the holy water.
  4. You now have a holy water of your own which you can use to cleanse the house from negative entities, cleanse an object, a person or even yourself. Take advantage of its potency for at least 4 hours. Until then, its potency starts to subside and the holy water must be discarded. You can use the leftovers to water your plants.

Making Holy Water might sound simple but you need discipline and focus when making it. Try the guide and see how it works for you. Just be sure to find a quiet spot to do the ritual.