How do I make my jeans tighter?

8 Ways to Make Your Jeans Fit Tighter
  1. #1) Wash Them in Hot Water. Washing your jeans in hot water causes the denim fibers to contract and shrink.
  2. #2) Use a Steam Iron.
  3. #3) Place Them in the Dryer.
  4. #4) Boil Them.
  5. #5) Take a Hot Shower While Wearing Them.
  6. #6) Use a Hair Dryer.
  7. #7) Roll Up the Bottom.
  8. #8) Take Them to a Tailor.

Can you make jeans a size smaller?

If the inseam of the leg of your pants are a bit too loose, you can flip them inside out, tear the old seam out, and fairly quickly make a new, tighter one. You can also sew a 6- to 7-inch piece of elastic into the inside back of your waistband if that’s the area that’s too big on you.

How can I make my jeans smaller and tighter?

Use the sewing machine to change the seam. You can start at the bottom of one leg or at the crotch. Follow the line of the seam on both legs and at the crotch, sewing slightly inside that line to make the jeans fit tighter. The further from the original seam you sew, the tighter your jeans will be.