What Apricorns make what balls Pixelmon?

Cooked Apricorns are made by cooking Apricorns in a furnace. They are used to make Poké Ball discs, which can be made into Poké Ball lids and then Poké Balls.

Crafting ingredient.

Item Ingredients CollapseCrafting recipe
Poké Ball Disc Cooked Red Apricorn 5
Great Ball Disc Cooked Blue Apricorn + Cooked Red Apricorn 2
Jun 28, 2020

How do you make a Pixelmon anvil?

What Pixelmon drops slime balls?

For information on Slimeballs in vanilla Minecraft, see this page. As Slimes do not normally spawn in Pixelmon, Slimeballs can be obtained with Forage or as drops from wild Grimer, Muk, Solosis, Duosion, and Reuniclus. They can be used to craft certain items.

How do you make an auto smelter in Pixelmon?

What does a park ball do in Pixelmon?

The Park Ball is a type of Poké Ball that will always catch the Pokémon it is used on (unless the Pokémon cannot be caught, like a boss Pokémon or another trainer’s Pokémon). Unlike all other Poké Balls, Park Balls have no chance of breaking if thrown against a block.

How do you make aluminum plates in Pixelmon?

Aluminium Plates are items obtained from hammering aluminium ingots on anvils. They can be crafted into PC’s, Healing Tables, Itemfinders, Fossil Cleaners, and parts to Fossil Machines and Trading Machines.

How do you automate aluminum plates in Pixelmon?

The Mechanical Anvil in Pixelmon automatically constructs the Aluminium Plates, Aluminium Bases, Iron Bases, and Poke Ball Lids. It can only be obtained with the /give command.