Vodka gummy bears are an excellent addition to any picnic or party. Even though they look a bit candy for children, the infused gummy bears are meant for adults since they have alcohol. Therefore, you must keep them far from kids.

Preparing your vodka gummy bears is a bit straightforward but may require a few days of infusion. Therefore, you must plan. Here is the step by step guide if you are ready to make Vodka gummy bears.

Step1: Gather your Supplies

  • Food safe container
  • Vodka
  • Gummy candy

You can try other combinations to see if they’ll work; they include watermelon or white rum and cola gummies. Ensure you clean and dry the food container before using it and have some extra containers as you’ll need more room in each container to place the gummies once they swell from an infusion.

Step 2: Fill the Container

Add the gummy candies on the container halfway. The gummies will swell almost thrice their size, so don’t fill the container to the brim, the gummy bears might get out of the container.

Immediately shake the container to allow the gummy bears to settle, then level out the surface. Then fill the container with Vodka until it’s just past the tops of the gummies. You’ll want the gummies to submerge completely.

In case some gummies popped up while filling the container, poke them down using your finger, then add alcohol as needed to make sure they are properly submerged.

Step 3: Seal and Refrigerate

Once the gummies submerge in the container nicely, seal the container. Doing this prevents the gummies and the alcohol from infusing with the fridge smells. If you don’t do that the gummies might taste like onions, you preserved in the fridge.

After sealing, place the container inside the fridge for a few days. The refrigerator will keep the gummies fresh as they absorb the alcohol.

If you don’t keep the gummies in a cool place, they will melt and change into a sticky goo pile.

Step 4: Wait

This is the trickiest part of this project. Alcohol takes too long to infuse on the gummy candy properly. At this time, the gummies swell up to three times their original size.

After four days, the Vodka will have properly penetrated the gummies and made them soft and large. Test through sampling one of the gummies. Look at the centers if you want to know whether they are ready or not. If the centers are firm, then they are ready and if not, be prepared to wait.

Step 5: Remove + Examine

Immediately after the gummy bears saturate fully, you can remove them from the container. There might be some gelatin or residual Vodka at the lower side of the container. Scoop it, but don’t pour the gummies. After that, transfer the Vodka to a bowl or another container.

It’s amazing to see how huge the gummy bears are after soaking them in Vodka for a few days.

Serve these gummy bears any way you like, but please make sure you don’t expose them to direct sunlight as they can melt.