As they say, all you need is LOVE. Love is one of the beautiful words in the vocabulary and when every time we see it, we can’t help but smile. Everyone needs to love and be loved. It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world.

But some of us are having a hard time or too shy to manifest their love to that special someone. Don’t get chickened and follow the tips below on how to manifest love the right way.

Manifesting Love to Someone

  1. Shower him/her with gifts

If the mouth can say it, the gifts can show it. Some people are impressed or feel more special when they receive gifts, especially if those gifts are well thought of, unexpectedly given, their favorite food or cologne. The effort made for buying, wrapping and sending the gifts can take a long way already. Even a simple flower or chocolate can actually make someone happy.

Get your crush or loved one to notice your feelings. Let those gifts scream for love and adoration that you feel for that person. Make sure they know that it’s you who sent the gift and refrain from putting “your secret admirer.” That might lose your chance to win their heart.

  1. Offer some loving touch

It’s not about getting sensual; it’s about showing your love through a simple touch of your warmth. When the person you love is crying you should rub his or her back, hug them when they’re happy or sad, fix their hair, hold their hands while walking or give them a simple kiss on the forehead. These simple acts ultimately show your love to someone.

That special someone will feel more secure and loved by how you treat and comfort them with your touch. Do this sincerely and make it count when it matters. This little gesture can warm the heart for sure.

  1. Dedicate more quality time

When you love the person, you want to spend more time with him/her. It doesn’t matter when or where, your presence will matter whatever the occasion. Set aside some time for your special someone by bringing them to dates like dinner, movies, picnics, trips and even Netflix and chill.

Get to learn more about your special someone about their likes and favorites so you would know what to plan on your next date. Being particular with dates will impress your special someone because you took note of what they like the most.

  1. Be there through the good and bad times

If you truly love someone, you won’t leave them no matter what. Through the joys and aches, you are there to cry and celebrate together. Show your special someone how much you love him/her by being there when he/she needs you the most and at times when he/she doesn’t.

Express your sincerity and willingness to join every chapter of his/her life no matter what happens. The person will feel more loved and encouraged by your outpouring presence and support which will make the person to return that effort you did as well.

  1. Write him/her letters

Many people would say that love letters are long deceased. However, I beg to disagree. There’s something more special about hand-written letters especially now we are in the digital age. The fact that you made an effort to curate the letter like a poet, can already mean a lot to someone.

Show your feelings through a love letter and express how much you love the person. Bring all your emotions into writing and seal it with a kiss. Your special someone will surely appreciate the effort and will never forget this special gesture.

  1. Make an effort to look good

When you love someone, you automatically accept their flaws and imperfections. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to make an effort to look good on dates. Show them that what they think of you matters by taking care of yourself and make an effort to look presentable.

Dress up properly on dates, invest on good perfumes and practice proper hygiene. Your special someone will surely appreciate the effort and will even notice it in an instant. Show your love by impressing them with your presentable looks.

  1. Introduce him/her family

Manifesting love by introducing him/her to your family is taking onto the next level. That special someone will realize how your relationship is getting serious. Show your love by welcoming him/her to your family and give an opportunity to be close with them.

Eventually, that special someone will become your family in the future once you marry. Show your love by assuring him/her that your relationship is getting serious and can have a potential to last for a lifetime.

  1. Talk about the future

When you love the person, you want to talk to them about your future together. You see him/her in the future and you want them to be a constant part of the future. Talking about the future makes that person become more excited knowing that the relationship is not going to waste. All the love, time and effort invested becomes worthwhile.

Talk about the hard things and future plans with your special someone. Express how much you love them by asking them to be part of your future and to make plans with you. Be honest with how you like your relationship to be in 5 or 10 years. Let the love of your life know that the future is dark without him/her in your life.

  1. Mean it when you say “I love you”

The phrase, I love you, will lose its meaning if not said sincerely. When you say the words, mean it from the heart. Look into their eyes and say the words with warmth and conviction. This phrase might be short but it actually goes deep to the heart.

There you have it, manifest your love to your special someone by following one the tips above. Don’t let the day go by without saying and showing how you feel.