With the evolution of various operating system and programs, there are all sorts of files, patterned differently according to the type of file. There are different file patterns especially for media like photos, music and videos. We all are familiar to some of them and how to open them. But how about a .JSON file?

If this file is still new to your vocabulary, here’s a crash course on how to open a .JSON file.

What is .JSON File?

A .JSON file is a JavaScript Object Notation File. This type of file has stored all kinds of objects and data that are under the format, JavaScript Notation. It’s mainly used as sharing data through a server or via web application. These .JSON files are all based on text, lighter than other file formats and easy to edit and read. You can even edit the text format by using a simple editor.

Opening a .JSON File

There are many options on how you can open this file. No need to worry because this type of file is easy to open and doesn’t need to be converted into a different one.

  1. Microsoft Notepad – Make sure this application is available on your desktop so you can open the file. The file will appear as a full text so you can start editing it. Most desktops or laptops under the latest Microsoft version comes with a latest notepad version as well.
  2. Apple (TextEdit for MAC) – For Mac users, this file can also be opened through the TextEdit app. Your desktop should have it and you shouldn’t have any problems opening it.
  3. Mozilla Firefox – You can also open this file via an internet browser like Mozilla Firefox. This will come in handy whenever you don’t have the desired app on your desktop to open the file.
  4. Google Chrome – Another internet browser on the list, Google Chrome helps you access a .JSON file. You can open it with either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, whichever you have available in your current system.
  5. Linux (Github Atom) – For Linux users, you can open it with various apps specifically with Github Atom. Other apps which allow you to open the file are: Vim, Pico, GNU Emacs and other text editor apps.
  6. Android (Text Editor apps) – for Android users, although you can use the internet browser to open the file, it’s also good to have some editor apps as a back up if you need to edit the file yourself. When opening the file via internet browser, you don’t have the freedom to edit the file but only for viewing. There’s a lot of free text editor apps that you can download online.

Important Reminder: Just like any other files that we receive via email or through data sharing, be careful with virus files that can infect your devices. A lot of hackers online use files to access other files and infect the whole system by erasing data and stealing them.