Can you open a closed jump ring?

This allows the jump ring to be opened with pliers, so that other components can be attached. It can then be soldered closed. Closed jump rings: A small metal loop without an opening. These can be soldered directly onto jewellery pieces or threaded onto other components.

How do you open a jump ring without pliers?

How do you open and close a jump ring flush?

What is opening and closing jump rings?

Opening and closing jump rings
  • Pushing the two sides of a jump ring apart using two flat nose/round nose pliers opens the jump ring.
  • You could also use a special metal ring specifically designed to make it easier to open and close jump rings.
  • If the jump ring does not close entirely, it can be squeezed gently with the flat nose pliers.

How do I make sure jump rings secure?

The only way to permanently secure jumprings is to solder them together. Some jumprings are already soldered closed; others are solder filled and can be soldered closed with the use of a butane torch. You might also consider using split rings (think of key rings) which are very secure.

How do you fasten a jump ring?