How do you open a paper towel dispenser without a key?

How to Open a Toilet Paper Dispenser Without a Key
  1. Use a Paper Clip. Go to the office and get a metal paperclip.
  2. Use a Screwdriver. Look on the dispenser cover and see if it is assembled with screws or pins.
  3. Get a Nail.
  4. Buy a New Key.

How do you open a public toilet paper dispenser?

To Open Plastic Dispensers

If you don’t need a key, press the button or pull the latch at the base to release the dispenser. It should pull open at the hinge to allow access. If you need a key, retrieve the manufacturer key, insert it into the lock and turn.

How do you refill a C fold paper towel dispenser?

How do you change a paper towel on a dispenser?

How does a paper towel dispenser work?

This paper towel dispenser dispenses on the basis of motion detection. Once this motion is detected, the next paper towel will be dispensed. It will hang from the machine till someone uses it. Once the existing paper towel is used, the machine will automatically dispense the next one.

How do I fix my San Jamar paper towel dispenser?

Typical problems can be corrected by opening and closing the cover. If that fails to resolve the problem, try removing and then reinserting the batteries or A/C adapter. If that fails, try replacing with new batteries. If problems still persist, please call San Jamar Customer Care (1-800-248-9826).