People like to use aluminum in their home furnishings because it is a durable material. Aluminum is also a lightweight material used in many construction projects. It is a white-silvery metal that has many applications in home renovation. It has a modern and sleek design, and that’s why many people paint its surfaces.

Painting aluminum is an easy and simple procedure. No matter if you want to decorate your patio chair or refresh your old filing cabinet, it is straightforward to apply paint on it. In this article, we will tell you step-by-step how to paint aluminum. Read on!

Quick Process

Let us quickly tell you how you can pain aluminum. First, you have to clean the material and dry it. Then, you have to sand the surface of the metal using fine-grit sandpaper. You can then apply a primer and let it dry. Sand the material again and apply the paint. Make sure you apply multiple coats and sand between the coats. Once done, you have to apply the enamel sealer.

Materials you need

You need a few materials and tools, such as drop cloth, wire brush, degreasing detergent, sandpaper, spray primer, and enamel sealant. You may also need acrylic spray paint.

Step 1

Let’s get started by finding a well-ventilated work area. Make sure you lay drop cloths in the surrounding area to protect the surfaces from splatters of paint. Once done, you have to clean the aluminum thoroughly before applying the paint.

You must fill a bucket with hot water and add a degreasing cleaner in it. Also, you have to wipe away dirt and dust by dipping a rag in the suds. If the object has rust or any flaking paint layer, you must scrub it with a wire brush. It is a helpful tool when you want to remove the old paint layer. After that, you have to allow the aluminum object to dry completely.

Step 2

Sand aluminum to make the object ready for the paint job. Make sure you wear a dust mask, goggles, gloves, and other protective gear. The gear will save you from exposure to dust particles from the metal. It is important not to skip this step. Otherwise, you can’t pain the aluminum properly.

After that, you have to use a sanding block or sandpaper. Make sure it has rough up every side and corner. If you tend to work on a larger and flat surface, such as an outdoor tabletop, you need to use a power sander.

Start with a grit paper that has coarse of 80 to 100 before you sand the aluminum surface. In the second turn, you have to use a finer grit. We recommend using 400-grit paper. Wash the object with warm water to remove the dust. Let it dry completely.

Step 3

While you prepare aluminum for paint, you have to use a primer. We recommend using a self-etching primer because it contains chemicals that can micro-etch the aluminum surface.

The reason why we recommend using a primer is to enhance the bonding of the object. Spray the primer on the object in thin coats or according to the directions of the manufacturer. Let it dry completely and then sand the object lightly with 400-grit sandpaper. Use a rag to wipe away the dust.

Step 4

Finally, it is time to paint the aluminum. You can either choose a latex paint or acrylic paint. If you want to paint an outdoor object, such as patio furniture, make sure you choose an exterior-grade paint. Don’t choose high-gloss paint as it is not good for painting aluminum. Choose paint with satin or matte finish.

It is up to you to choose a brush or spray. The choice depends on the size of the paint job. Do not forget to follow the instructions or directions from the paint manufacturer. It will tell you about the number of coats needed for painting aluminum. You may also sand between the coats.

Step 5:

Once the paint has dried, you will have to apply two coats of sealer. Make sure you choose an enamel sealer. The enamel layer protects the painted aluminum object from scratching, chipping, and fading for many years. Again, we recommend you to follow the instructions of the manufacturer to get the job done easily.

Ways to Use Painted Aluminum

There are different ways to use painted aluminum. For instance, you can create modern designs with flat or ruffled aluminum siding using paint. It is more appealing than plain aluminum.

Aluminum has great aesthetic value, and you can prolong its life with a coat of paint and sealant. The paint allows it to stand up to soaring temperature and harsh weather conditions.

Why Use Aluminum Primer

Do you know aluminum has a porous surface? Due to the surface of this kind, it does hold paint well. Therefore, using a primer is the best idea to make the paint last longer. The primer also looks good on the surface of the aluminum. The object on which you want to apply paint will oxidize and chip without applying a primer.

An acid-etch primer takes a short time to apply. When you use such a primer, it will rinse within ten minutes. The etching primer can remove any lingering patches of oil, grease, and dirt on the surface of the aluminum. It is important to apply a coating to finish the process of acid-etching.

There are various types of aluminum primer. You can use them after preparing the aluminum surface. All types work better than smearing paint on aluminum surfaces. You can either choose a brush, spray, or roll on a high-quality aluminum primer.

Applying Primer and Paint

Experts recommend applying one or two coats of aluminum primer. Make sure you let it dry completely before painting the color of your choice. After completing all steps, the surface will take an exterior or interior paint without any problem. As mentioned above, you can finish with a topcoat sealer. It is a great idea when it comes to ensuring the paint does not chip.