Marbles was an ultimate fun game to play during childhood that totally gives us some major nostalgia. Get interactive at home with your kids or during parties with friends and bring back the old memories.

Just in case you’ve forgotten how this game works, here’s a guide that you can follow on how to play marbles:

The Game Requirements

Lucky are those who kept their old toys but I’m pretty sure you can still find these at the store:

  • Different colors of marbles
  • Pouches for the marbles
  • Crochet thread or thin rope

The Rules of the Game

  1. Mark the area where you play with the marbles
  • This is where you need the crochet thread or thin rope. You will use this as a marker to the game area if you’re playing indoors. For outdoors, you can use leftover charcoal or chalk.
  • You need to form a circle that will serve as your “ring” at least 90 cm in diameter. You can tape the thread so it won’t move while playing the game.
  1. Divide the marbles to the players
  • Depending how much you have on hand, it should be equally divided to all the players. Make sure to leave at least 10 marbles behind because you need it for later.
  • The same goes with the marble pouches, hand each one of their own so their marbles will be safe and organized.
  1. Setup the marbles on the ring

The remaining 7 marbles shall be in the middle of the ring. You can keep more marbles as you like in the ring; the more marbles, the more fun.

  1. Pick your marble shooter

The main goal is to pick the perfect marble that can shoot precisely in the ring. It’s up to you which one to pick. You can also do a mini practice before the game just to know which marble you’re comfortable to use for shooting.

Tip: It’s best that you pick the largest marble since it has the better probability to hit more marbles in the game.

  1. Let the game begin
  • Pick who among the players gets to play first. You can do flip coins or however you want to do it, as long as you will play by taking turns.
  • Each player should aim to hit as many marbles as possible outside the ring. The player should take all the marbles that he hit that went outside the ring. It’s his to keep and will serve as an additional point.
  • The more the player hits the marbles the more he gets to keep. If the player misses the hit, his turn is over and he needs to leave his marble shooter inside the ring.
  • The next player will start to take his turn and must do the same thing. This player will also have the chance to get the previous player’s marble shooter if he succeeded to hit it outside the ring.
  • The rest of the game shall continue until there’s no marbles left in the ring.
  1. Announcing the winner

The winner shall be the one who has the most marbles collected at the end of the game. The ultimate marble shooter of them all.

So everybody can get a chance to win, you can do a maximum of three rounds depending on what you all agreed. The game might finish quite fast especially if most players are sharpshooters.

Additional tips:

  • Make sure to keep the marbles out of reach from kids and pets. These cute marbles might look like a treat to them and will accidentally swallow it. Only ages 8 and up can play this game.
  • The marbles are small so pick an open, spacious spot where the marbles won’t go astray once it gets hit. The tendency when you play in cramped areas, the marbles might roll over on tight corners where it might get lost.
  • There’s nothing wrong with getting uniform marbles but the colorful ones will add more excitement to the game. Pick the colorful marbles for the game so it’s also easy to remember which one was the marble shooter.
  • Make sure no one is sitting near the ring while playing so no one will get hit with the marbles in case it gets knocked out high up.