Pinochle is a game that involves putting together and exchanging different combinations of “melds,” or cards together to score points. Understanding the basics of the game only takes a short time, but due to its fast-paced excitement, the game can offer countless hours of fun.

Immediately you familiarize yourself with the values of each card on every deck, you can start developing your hand to secure points then seize the momentum that you desire to come out on top.


  • Two players
  • Paper and pen for scorekeeping
  • 48 card pinochle deck
  • The objective of the game

Step 1: Begin with A Special Deck of Cards

Play the game with a deck of 48 cards that includes two similar cards on every suit in the grading of nine” to ace, having the top value in the game. The game rules remain the same whether playing 3 or 4 players. But the number of decks needed to accommodate each player differs.

Other pinochle decks have only 24 cards, a single card on each ranking with a suit. However, to play the game properly, you must use two complete decks, and if you lack a Pinochle deck, you can use two standard decks then get rid of the remaining cards that have unnecessary rankings.

Step 2: Understand The Value of the Cards

You score the game with a unique system of ranking.  Additionally, the ace is the best and most significant card in the deck, having 11 points for each “trick.” The cards that follow the ace are the “tens” worth 10 points, kings value 4, queens 3, jacks two, and the “Nine” cards don’t have any value.

A “trick” is a pinochle round where each player gets an opportunity to play one card at a time, and the basic idea behind the game is to collect the combinations of cards in separate rankings and suits to win the high score of a hand.

Step 3: Now Deal 12 Cards to Every Player

Move around the table starting from the left side of the dealer, then distribute the cards one at a time. You can deal up to three cards at once if you want to save on time. When playing only the two of you, place the other cards in a stack face beneath the table.

Let the other players confirm their cards to ensure they have the right amount before the game kicks off.

Step 4: Make a Bid

After the players confirm their cards, the player on the left side of the dealer declares the number of points they foresee to score at the end of the game. If the player matches their predicted score during the end of the game, they get that score and the number of points they receive from every meld they produce successfully.

At the end of each round, other players can add the bid in 10% increments, and the highest bid will stand after three trick matches then start laying down the melds.

Step 5: Designate the Trump Suit

In case you have remaining stock cards after dealing, turn the top card over, then place it facing up close to the stack. This is the “trump suit,” and it’s the one that matters the suit with the most value during the hand. Or else the one who won the bid will have the chance of calling trump.

Step 6: Search Your Hand for Melds

Melds can’t be played like tricks, and they are a combination of cards that adds up to the different amount of values. Furthermore, they are held to add the possible value of a player’s hand. Once the game comes to an end, all the points you get for melding adds up to the final score.

For instance, the highest-scoring meld in the game is the “flush,” including the ace, queen, king, ten, and jack of the same suit. The other melds entail “60 queens,” or a single queen of each suit, that adds up to 40 points.

One meld is permitted per turn. In other words, you can’t be awarded points for a royal marriage and a flush as they have similar cards.

Step 7: Place Down Your Melds

In case you managed to place together with all the melds from your hand, make sure you position them on the table facing upwards. Find the value of each player’s meld, then jot them down but don’t score them at this time.

Step 8: Scoring The Game

Any player who declared the bid takes the ‘leading’ through placing down one card. Then the remaining players play one of their cards in turn. The player who gets the most valuable card becomes the winner. Once after the trick, each player grabs a new card from the stock to refill their hand.

Any leader in the trump suit wins the trick automatically unless the other player puts down a higher card. In case the lead card is of another suit, then the other player should play a trump or a higher card to win the game.

All players should play the highest card or follow suit in their hand if possible. If you lack any cards of ranking or the right suit, then you can play with any card that you want.

Step 9: Now Pull the Winning Cards from The Trick

The first trick winner can pick the four cards then place them on a different stack face beneath the table. This shall be scored later. Furthermore, this player will lead during the next trick. Be sure to update the scorecard immediately after every trick as you award points to the “counters” Alone.  This adds up to 10 points per piece.

Continue with this and the winner of the trick should lead the other players to beat or match their card. Furthermore, winning the 12th trick earns you other 10 points. Therefore, make sure you fix those points in your total.

The maximum score that you can get for the tricks is 250 points for the 24 counters.  Additionally, you get a bonus of 10 points for winning the overall trick.

Step 10: Calculate Each Player’s Score

Immediately all the 12 tricks are taken, sum up the counters that each player gas gathered. All melds they have shall be added to that figure to give the total score. Plus the player with the high number of score wins the game.

If you fail to meet their bids, it shall be subtracted from their score and each deal is one game. Once the game ends, collect all the cards then shuffle them before starting a new game.