How do you say the word adjudication?

Other Words from adjudicate
  1. adjudicative \ ə-​ˈjü-​di-​ˌkā-​tiv , -​kə-​ \ adjective.
  2. adjudicator \ ə-​ˈjü-​di-​ˌkā-​tər \ noun.
  3. adjudicatory \ ə-​ˈjü-​di-​kə-​ˌtȯr-​ē \ adjective.

What does adjudicative mean?

The formal giving or pronouncing of a judgment or decree in a court proceeding; also the judgment or decision given. A decision is rendered by an impartial, passive fact finder, usually a judge, jury, or administrative tribunal. The adjudication of a controversy involves the performance of several tasks.

How is Gerald pronounced in English?

Pronounce Names
Submitted from: Russia
Pronunciation: g eh r aa l d g eh r aa l d go pet rat car let do What does this mean?
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Type of Name: First Name
Gender: Male

How is Sha pronounced?

SHA-1 → “ess aitch ay one”