How do you pronounce Antetokounmpo?

Antetokounmpo admits there are a few acceptable ways to say his last name, the result of inexact transliteration from the Yoruba version (ah-det-oh-KOON-boh) to Greek (where it became an-tet-oh-KOON-poh).

How do you say Giannis Antetokounmpo in Greek?

The other way to say Antetokounmpo is in Greek, where it would be pronounced as AHN-teh-toh-KOOM-poh. As you can see, each syllable is more clearly pronounced and it acquires a more phonetically linear pronunciation.

Do you spell Giannis Antetokounmpo?

Giannis Sina Ugo Antetokounmpo (/ˈjɑːnɪs ˈɑːntɛtəˈkuːmpoʊ/ Greek: Γιάννης Σίνα-Ούγκο Αντετοκούνμπο, IPA: [ˈʝanis adetoˈkumbo]; born December 6, 1994) is a Greek professional basketball player for the Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Is Antetokounmpo a Greek name?

Adetokunbo is both a surname and a given name, of Yoruba origin, and meaning “the king/crown/royalty from across the seas” or “the king/crown/royalty from a foreign land”. Its Greek spelling is Antetokounmpo.