How do you say Auscultating?

What is auscultation mean?

Auscultation is the medical term for using a stethoscope to listen to the sounds inside of your body.

What is the noun of Auscultate?

noun. /ˌɔːskəlˈteɪʃn/ /ˌɔːskəlˈteɪʃn/ [uncountable] (medical) ​the process of listening to somebody’s breathing using a stethoscope.

How do you speak with a stethoscope?

How do you pronounce status scope?

What is spelling of stethoscope?

(steθəskoʊp ) Word forms: plural stethoscopes. countable noun. A stethoscope is an instrument that a doctor uses to listen to your heart and breathing. It consists of a small disc that is placed on your body, connected to a hollow tube with two pieces that the doctor puts in his or her ears.