How do you pronounce buccal?

What is a buccal?

The word buccal means something though: it’s the surface of the tooth that is opposite the cheek. Lingual – the inner surface of the tooth that faces the tongue. and last but not least –Buccal.: Buccal – the outer surface of the tooth that faces the cheek.

How do you pronounce buccal fat?

‘Buhk-uhl’ or ‘Buek-uhl’ are two frequently spoken variants. The actual phonetic spelling of buccal is buk’al, but do not not feel embarrassed about the pronunciation, it’s not a big deal.

How do you spell buccal mucosa?

What is buccal used for?

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Where is buccal located?

buccal cavity – The external portion of the oral cavity located between the jaws and teeth and the cheeks; it serves as a space to trap food while it is masticated by the chewing action of the jaws and teeth; it is lined by a wet stratified squamous epithelium.