What does bulwark mean?

1a : a solid wall-like structure raised for defense : rampart. b : breakwater, seawall building a bulwark in the harbor. 2 : a strong support or protection democratic principles that stand as a bulwark against tyranny a bulwark of freedom.

How do you pronounce bulwark UK?

“The Pronunciation Unit recommends the pronunciation BUUL-wuhrk. “Pronunciation dictionaries give the above pronunciation as the preferred British English pronunciation of ‘bulwark‘ (the word), although other acceptable pronunciations of this word include BUL- (as in ‘cup’) initially or -WURK (as in ‘her’) finally.

How is an pronounced?

It’s very unusual, but we can and then their pronunciation changes. A becomes a (ay), and an becomes an (aan). And if we’re saying the letter of the alphabet, we say Ay.

Is the H silent in huge?

When people do it, they aren’t just randomly or lazily leaving off a sound. This “h“-dropping occurs in a specific environment—only in words that start with a “hyu.” If they drop it in huge, they also drop it in humor, humid, humiliation, humongous, and Hugh.

Why do some people not pronounce the letter H?

The phoneme /h/ in Ancient Greek, occurring only at the beginnings of words and originally written with the letter H and later as a rough breathing, was lost in the Ionic dialect. It is also not pronounced in Modern Greek. The phoneme /h/ was lost in Late Latin, the ancestor of the modern Romance languages.

How do you pronounce big?