How do you pronounce confit de canard?

Confit de Canard: con-FEE de can-ARR

What you’ll end up saying is something like “con-FEE de can-ARR.” And go ahead and gargle that “r,” kind of like a pirate this time.

How do you pronounce the word confit?

What does confit mean in English?

The word confit (pronounced “kon-FEE”) derives from the French verb confire, which simply means to preserve. Traditionally, confit simply refers to any sort of preserved food, whether it’s meat, fruit, or vegetables.

What’s another name for duck fat?

Duck fat also referred to as Schmaltz, is a light-colored fat typically rendered from the skin and fat of the duck. It is a typical French cooking ingredient used for perfect for confit and general sautés.