Is it pronounced foyer or Foyay?

Foyer is the English pronunciation. People overseas tend to pronounce it foyay.

Why do Americans pronounce foyer wrong?

It helps that ending a word with -et is rare in English words other than French loanwords. Other words, such as foyer, aren’t obviously French, and words ending in -er are pretty common in English. These will be pronounced as they’re spelled using English pronunciation rules.

Is the word foyer French?

Borrowed from French foyer (“hearth, lobby”), in turn from Vulgar Latin *focārium, from Late Latin focārius, from Latin focus (“hearth”).

How do you pronounce foyer in Canada?

What do Americans call a foyer?

A foyer is the area immediately inside the front door of a private home – although not all American homes have such an area. American homes don’t, in general, have what’s called a drawing room.

Is foyer an American word?

foyer | American Dictionary

A foyer is also the room in a house or apartment that leads from the front door to other rooms.