Why is gone pronounced Gon?

2 Answers. Why is gone spelled the same way as lone, when it’s pronounced differently? Because when English spelling was fixed, they were pronounced the same. The spelling became fixed shortly after Shakespeare wrote.

How do you pronounce the word gone?

How do you pronounce gone in Australia?

What’s the meaning of gone?

The definition of gone is something that has left, departed or that is no longer there. If all of the candy has been eaten, this is an example of when the candy is gone. If someone has died, this is an example of when he is gone.

When ur gone meaning?

2. adjective [verb-link ADJECTIVE] When someone is gone, they have left the place where you are and are no longer there. When something is gone, it is no longer present or no longer exists.

Is no more a word?

1. deceased; gone. 2. Nothing more: I’ll say no more.