How is lair pronounced?

What does lair mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 dialectal British : a resting or sleeping place : bed. 2a : the resting or living place of a wild animal : den tracked the bear back to its lair. b : a refuge or place for hiding a villain’s lair.

Is Lair a negative word?

Generally, lair carries a negative connotation of evil, but sometimes the word is used in the sense of a cozy place to work or play: Every writer needs a lair.

Is the T silent in exactly?

In practice, yes it is virtually silent unless one makes a special effort to pronounce it. When we have a consonant cluster here /ktl/ one sound is often not heard. The linguistice term for it is “dissimilation”.

Is T silent in restaurant?

Re: pronunciation question – silentt

Native speakers on that tapes pronounce “t” very clearly in some words like ‘often’, ‘restaurant‘, etc.

Is it OK to pronounce the T in often?

A: The word “often” can be pronounced with a silent “t” (the more common pronunciation) or with an audible “t.” How “correct” is the second pronunciation? That depends on the dictionary you consult. Both are correct, according to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (4th ed.).