How is Madeleine pronounced?

Is it pronounced Madeline or Madeline?

Madeleine (name)
Pronunciation /ˈmædlɪn/ MAD-lin, /ˈmædəlɪn/ MAD-ə-lin French: [madˈlɛn, madˈlen] Madeline: /ˈmædəlaɪn/ MAD-ə-lyne, /-liːn/ -⁠leen, /ˈmædəlɪn/ MAD-ə-lin
Gender Female
Meaning “from Magdala”, “tower”, “elevated, great, magnificent”
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How do you pronounce Madeline cookies?

Madeline – the storybook character is pronounced “mad-eh-line” by Americans, the French spell and pronounce Madeleine more formally and accurately as “mad-eh-len;” this all inevitably wrecks havoc when it comes to correct spelling!