Is it Mosco or Moscow?

First things first: In case you didn’t know, Russians never call their capital city Moscow. For us, it is not the French Moscou or the German Moskau and none of the other European variations either. It’s Moskva (Москва), with an emphasis on the second syllable.

How is Moscow pronounced?

How do you pronounce Moscow Reddit?

In English, it’s mos koh. Americans seem to stubbornly refuse this and say mos kow with a mighty American twang. In German, it’s Moskau, with a less twangy pronunciation than the American one.

How do you say Russia in Russian?

Russia is “Rossiya” – Россия (ross-SEE-ya) in Russian.

How do you spell Moscow in Cyrillic?

Москва (Moskva) is how Moscow is in Russian.