What does Narragansett mean?

Name. Some present-day Narragansett people believe that their name means “people of the little points and bays”. Pritzker’s Native American Encyclopedia translates the name as “(People) of the Small Point”.

How do u spell Narragansett?

noun, plural Nar·ra·gan·setts, (especially collectively) Nar·ra·gan·sett. a member of a North American Indian tribe of the Algonquian family formerly located in Rhode Island but now almost extinct. an Algonquian language, the language of the Narragansett Indians.

Is the T silent in exactly?

In practice, yes it is virtually silent unless one makes a special effort to pronounce it. When we have a consonant cluster here /ktl/ one sound is often not heard. The linguistice term for it is “dissimilation”.

How do you pronounce Pequots?