Is it pronounced plantain or Plantin?

Both are wrong. Plantain is pronounced plant’n or “PLANT-in”. You might be confused by the spelling, but the last syllable is the same as in the word “mountain.”

What do Jamaicans call plantains?


This is one of those rare instances in English, where we decide a letter doesn’t count, but the Americans decide to use all of them. Jamaicans say plauntin, while Americans say the word exactly as it looks.

How do Caribbean people pronounce plantain?

One of the explanations offered is that people from the English speaking-Caribbean are more likely to say plan-TIN, though some of my African-American friends and one British friend said that’s also how they pronounce the word. The folks in my very unofficial poll were mostly Team TAYNE.

Is plantain an English word?

plantain Add to list Share. Plantains are very starchy, green, and not as sweet as bananas. The word plantain can describe a specific, weedy plant, but it’s also used more loosely for any bananas or banana-type fruits that are cooked rather than eaten raw.