How do you say prix fixe in French?

This means that in prix fixe, the prix is pronounced like \PREE\ . The fixe on the other hand, can sound like \FEEKS\ or \FIKS\ .

What does prix fixe mean?

Prix fixe is French for fixed price. That’s the basic prix fixe definition. It’s sometimes incorrectly spelled prixe fixe, so watch out for that. Applied to a menu, it means diners get a collection of menu items for a set total price.

How do you say prix?

Is it pre fixe or prix fixe?

Nu? A: In English, as you know, “prix fixe” refers to a fixed-price meal of several courses. In French, however, prix fixe is a more general term that refers to products sold at a fixed price, such as ball bearings, petroleum, taxi rides, and food.

Do you tip on prix fixe?

When a price is quoted for a prix fixe menu, it typically does not include beverages, tax, or tip.

What does prix stand for?

price, prize, award.