How do you speak prone?

How do you pronounce prone position?

How do you pronounce acne prone?

What is the spelling of prone?

having a natural inclination or tendency to something; disposed; liable: to be prone to anger. having the front or ventral part downward; lying face downward. lying flat; prostrate. having a downward direction or slope.

What does Proning mean?

: the act or practice of placing a patient and especially one in respiratory distress in the prone position with the chest and stomach facing downward to increase blood oxygenation During the chaotic days of March and April, emergency room doctors were quick to intubate patients with dangerously low oxygen levels.

What is frowned?

to contract the brow, as in displeasure or deep thought; scowl. to look displeased; have an angry look. to view with disapproval; look disapprovingly (usually followed by on or upon): to frown upon a scheme.