Is it Reeses or Reeses?

Some people pronounce the candy “Rees-EES” while others pronounce it “Rees-IS.” A little history behind the beloved chocolate peanut butter cup will provide you with the answer. Since Reese’s is named after the man Harry Burnett Reese. H.B. Reese himself, the correct pronunciation is in fact “Rees-IS.”

How do you pronounce Reese’s Pieces?

Why do people call Reeses Reeses?

The candy is named after H.B. Reese. “Reese” like “Reese Witherspoon,” not “Ree-see.” I don’t know how all the people in this thread don’t realize that “Reese’s Pieces” rhymes, that’s why they named the candy that.

How do you pronounce the name Reese?